Oracle is hiring more than 500 professionals in Latin America

The company published a list of available positions throughout the region, with very diverse profiles of professionals for both sales and pre-sales areas as well as customer service and consulting.

4 essential skills to start a career in the video game industry

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Luis Vidrio

In the US there is a wave of resignations, but Mexicans are 'holding on' to their jobs

In Mexico, workers stay at their job, even if they are not satisfied with it.

Lessons We Learned From The Movie 'The Intern'

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The 30 cheapest courses to pay for Netflix, Amazon and Disney +

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The 25 best places to work in Latin America in 2021

Great Place to Work revealed its annual study where it reveals which companies are most sought after by employees.

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8 Techniques to Lose the Fear of Talking About Money and Salary

Neither at home or school do we encourage important discussions around how to handle personal finances. Today, it is more taboo than talking about sex.

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They Offer $ 9,500 to Search for Memes for 15 Days

Opera looks for people all over the world who surf the web and want to talk about the weird things they come across.

The world has already changed: How to design a new professional and personal reality

Silvia Singer, general director of the Interactive Museum of Economics, gives us the keys to transform ourselves into this new normal that, like it or not, is here to stay.

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What are the most widely spoken languages in the world?

Currently more than 7,100 languages are spoken on the planet, but approximately 40% are in danger of extinction

This story about oranges will help you succeed in your career

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