Cash Management

Beyond Safe

If you run a business that deals with large volumes of cash, you need a safe and secure trading environment, and the ability to access your working capital quickly. In other words, says Cash Connect's CEO Steven Heilbron, you need to figuratively move the bank to your store.

Cash Connect

· 7 min read

How Can Entrepreneurs Avoid a Cash Burnout?

If you run out of funds, there's no way you can keep your business running

Sanchita Dash

· 4 min read

3 Challenges Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome

No matter the industry, these universal roadblocks require business owners to balance immediate needs with longer-range strategies.

Ryan Himmel

· 4 min read

3 Steps to Secure a Rich Retirement

Pay yourself first by setting aside savings and having a plan for the long term.

Pamela Yellen

· 5 min read

How To Effectively Your Budget

Should I take budgeting seriously, and what can it do for me?

Ed Hatton

· 4 min read

How Are Entrepreneurs Lowering Internal Cash Payments at their Startups

UPI wallets, cab aggregators and expense management apps save the day!

Sneha Banerjee

· 3 min read

8 Ways to Avoid Cash Flow Surprises That Could Kill Your Business

Be aware of common cash flow problems and have a plan in place to address them when needed.

John Rampton

· 7 min read

Startup Losses and Cash Burn

Build a "stretch" in the business plan which will give you the cushion you need to handle any contingencies.

Ashutosh Garg

· 4 min read

Holy Franklins! Businesses Lose How Much in Paper Cash Each Year?

It's an age-old problem that technology may be able to help solve.

Lydia Belanger

· 3 min read

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Burning Cash

Just spending lots of money won't guarantee a good return unless you invest it wisely!

Aniketh Jain

· 4 min read

4 Tips for Revving Up Revenue When You Need It Most

Cash flow management can help your company to grow and gain equity and create a profitable operation.

Jay DesMarteau

· 3 min read

Finally, an App That Lends Actual, Hard Cash

Instant, actual hard cash loans - now there's an app for that!

Rustam Singh

· 4 min read