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The OxiClean Pitchmaster Has Some Winning Sales Pitch Tips for Your Cannabis Brand

Anthony "Sully" Sullivan's journey from cleaning commercials to Kush King.

Can CBD Stop COVID? Researchers Are Cautiously Optimistic

Tests with animals show promise, but scientists want to move to clinical human tests.

As CBD Sales Continue to Rise, So Do Price Disparities Between Products

New survey sees 11,1142% price difference in one popular category.

Lesley Balla

Combining Adaptogens and CBD Is the Next Big Thing in Cannabis

Together they could fill a massive void in Western medicine.

Dana Smith

6 Reasons Pro Athletes Believe CBD Gives Them an Edge

Touchdown or Out-of-Bounds? The ongoing quest for safe and legal ways to enhance athletic performance.

Gleb Oleinik

3 Key Supplement and Wellness Trends to Watch in 2022

Faced with existential uncertainty and chronic stress, the demand for cannabis, CBD, and other supplements has skyrocketed.

Robert Johnson

What Is Geofencing and Is It Right for Your CBD Brand?

Here are the different ways to make this promising technology for digital advertisers work for you.

Jessica Wong

Is Targeted Programmatic Display a Good Advertising Option for Your Cannabis Company?

The technology allows dispensaries and other sellers to target their digital ads at their target market.

Jessica Wong

Does CBD Impair Driving Ability?

As it grows in popularity, so do questions about its effects.

Johnny Green