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Can CBD Oil Help You Stay Lean And Actually Build Muscles?

CBD oil is believed to help fight pain after working out, but can it actually help you stay in shape and get stronger?

Johnny Baldwin

How Effective Is CBD Against Heartburn And Acid Reflux?

CBD's helpful with a lot of health issues, but can it help with heartburn? We explain.

Johnny Baldwin

Should You Ever Mix Both CBD And Nicotine Together? We've Got Answers

We take a look at the science behind both CBD and nicotine, and how each impacts your body.

Johnny Baldwin

A New FDA Guidance Should Make CBD-Based Medicines Easier To Approve

The power of CBD's being discovered more in medicine, so this should help it become an even more popular option.

Marijuana Moment

These Are Just Five Ways That CBD Oil Impacts Your Skin

Using CBD products on your skin is a growing trend, but does it really work? We explain.

Jessie Gill

Buy Better Hemp Oil With These Tell-Tale Product Tips

To ensure you're buying the safest, purest hemp oil and CBD products, it's important to look beyond the ingredients on the label. You should also find out whether the company making the product maintains consistent quality controls from start to finish.

Maureen West

The Question Millions Are Asking: Is CBD Actually Safe?

Between all the claims and studies, there's still a lot of murkiness when it comes to CBD's safety.

Susie Peterson

CBD and Coffee Is The Best Combo To Start Your Morning

Today is National Coffee Day. Have you had a little CBD in your Joe?

Johnny Baldwin

Are There Any States That Restrict CBD Products? Everything You Need To Know

It's hard to keep track of what's legal and what's not, so we break it down to help you out.

Isolate, Distillate, Full Spectrum: Understanding What CBD You're Buying

We dive into the benefits and downsides of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD.

Alexa Peters

Hong Kong's First CBD Cafe Officially Opens Its Doors

The cafe, named Found, is the city's first to offer CBD coffees, biscuits, beer and fruit juices.

These 7 CBD Marketing Secrets Will Take Your Brand To A Different Level

These marketing strategies will help your CBD brand really stand out from the competition.

Al Elio