Justin Bieber Doesn't Only Get His Weed in California — He's Selling It There Now, Too

The Biebs practices what he preaches...er, Peaches...with new pre-rolls.

Lesley Balla

Lorde Says Her Latest is a 'Weed Album', But It's Not a Stoner Album

She does take a rip off of a fennel bulb bong in a video, so there's that.

Lesley Balla

Comedian Ashley Ray Wants 'More Black Women Stoners'

Like the Seth Rogen of weed, only Black and female.

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Why Celebrities Keep Jumping Into The Cannabis Industry

Are smaller brands in danger of being overshadowed?

Nina Zdinjak

Beyoncé Building a Cannabis Farm For Her Own CBD

Queen B isn't just a nickname, either - she'll harvest honey, too.

Franca Quarneti

Jim Belushi Just Wants to Grow Weed, Break Even, and Spread the Gospel of Cannabis

The actor talks about his farm, battling aphids, and a new show on Discovery.

Jelena Martinovic

Sacha Baron Cohen Suing Cannabis Dispensary For Using His Borat Image

The actor seeks $9 million in damages - not so "very nice!"

Maureen Meehan

'Highest in the Room' Rapper Travis Scott Launches His Own Cannabis Line

Cactus Farms features "a dense, purple bud" that's funky and pungent.

Nina Zdinjak