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The Google Assistant Is Coming to Android TV

A forthcoming update will enable you to ask your Android TV device all kinds of questions.

Nathan Ingraham

· 2 min read

Hyundai Shows Off Wearable Robots to Help Paraplegics, Elderly

Hyundai's Medical Exoskeleton (H-MEX) looks like a high-tech back/leg brace combination device, plus forearm crutches.

Angela Moscaritolo

· 2 min read

Meet the Hover Camera Passport, Your Personal Selfie Drone

The small drone features a cage that protects the the rotors from damage -- and you from injury.

Jim Fisher

· 2 min read

9 Must-See Products at CES

Here are the up-and-coming devices Entrepreneur is excited to try at the Las Vegas tech show.

Stephen J. Bronner

· 5 min read

Artificial Intelligence Now Has a Voice, But Security Challenges Loom

The founder of AI startup Josh.ai, who will speak at CES, shares where he thinks the field will go within 10 years.

Stephen J. Bronner

· 6 min read

CES 2017: HTC Wants to Drive the VR Revolution -- and It Needs Your Help

A slew of new initiatives from HTC is designed to rapidly grow the virtual reality market.

Stephen J. Bronner

· 3 min read

No More Bad Hair Days With This Smart Hairbrush

Withings, L'Oreal and Kerastase teamed up to create the world's first smart hairbrush.

Victoria Song

· 2 min read

Nothing Matters at CES 2017 Without the Smartphone

Smartphones, ubiquitous and powerfully versatile, are what makes all the other technical wizardry at CES possible.

Eric Franchi

· 5 min read

Does Appearing at CES Actually Pay Off?

Whether you run a young company or an established consumer brand, there are many advantages to appearing at CES.

Derek Miller

· 8 min read

The 5 Panels Entrepreneurs Must Attend at This Year's CES

Our recommendations for the talks that will give you the pulse on the future of entrepreneurship.

Stephen J. Bronner

· 4 min read

Robots Will Play a Bigger Role in the Coming Years, But Not as Big as You Think

Executives from Softbank Robotics and iRobot Corporation share their insights into the year's biggest trends in the field and their predictions for the immediate future.

Stephen J. Bronner

· 6 min read

What 4 Experts Expect From This Year's CES

The show may dictate how the next year of technology will look.

Stephen J. Bronner

· 7 min read