Chat on Chaat

Chat on Chaat

Weighing up Start-up Ecosystems Beyond India

Entrepreneur's Editor-in-Chief, Ritu Marya, caught up with entrepreneurs at IIT Bombay's Entrepreneurship Summit to elaborate more.

"I think Indian Start-ups Are as Good as American Start-ups"

Vinod Gupta has a history of giving and raising funds for Bill and Hillary Clinton during their campaign and has also got mentioned on latter's autobiography.

The Approach Must Be To Change The World

In a chat on chaat with Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur India, Anil shares his panorama on future of start-ups in India.

"Our Investment Style Is The Founders First"

Vani Kola, supporting entrepreneurs in building their companies.

Payback Time After Pack Up Time

"I wasn't around my three-year-old son from the time he was born. Neither did I spend time with the family. But after exiting TFS, it is good to do all that." Raghunandan

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Chat on Chaat

Building A Culture of Innovation By India, For India

For entrepreneurs, it is about thinking news ideas that they can bring to India and grow them quickly.