Cloud Technology

When Is a Good Time For SMBs To Move Their IT Infrastructure To the Cloud?

While this can be quite a task for every organization, SMBs particularly find it challenging to arrive at these decisions

Kamalakannan Subramani

· 5 min read

Ready to Scale? 5 Advantages to Implementing Cloud Tech in Your Business

Here's why utilizing cloud technologies frees up time and energy to focus on executing your business plan.

Brian J. Greenberg

· 5 min read

How Startups Can Overcome Obstacles In Their Cloud Journey

The SMB segment in the cloud market grapples with its unique technical and business challenges, currently exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis

Prabhakar Jayakumar

· 4 min read

The New Normal Is Here To Stay: Businesses Will Only Grow On Cloud

Businesses are managing COVID-19 disruptions through technology and in many of them are in a conundrum or in midst of the transition

Sudhir Kothari

· 4 min read

Cloud Demand And Usage Spurs Amid COVID-19

Success stories from the current times will inspire many enterprises, governments and new-age companies to seek cloud-based solutions

Deepak Mittal

· 3 min read

Cybersecurity Trends That Will Dominate the Market in 2020-21

The single biggest trend that is likely to see traction, also partly due to COVID-19, is an accelerated shift to cloud technologies and the associated security systems and services

Khushhal Kaushik

· 5 min read

Post COVID, Cloud Data Platform To Play a Major Role To Bring Back the Finance Sector On Track

While the full extent of COVID-19's economic impact is yet to unfold, organizations are now recognizing the need to accelerate digital transformation strategies to prepare for the next disruption

Vimal Venkatram

· 5 min read

Get 10TB of Cloud Backup for Less Than $150

The top-tier storage you need on a budget.

Entrepreneur Store

· 2 min read

Microsoft and Citrix Partner To Accelerate Cloud Adoption Of Digital Workspaces Amid Pandemic

Companies join forces to simplify cloud transformation and speed adoption of digital workspaces and virtual desktops to enable greater agility, productivity and security

Debarghya Sil

· 2 min read

Covid-19 Impact Demands Structural Changes in Saas Go-to-market Strategies

The economic assumptions underlying the traditional GTM will need to be revisited and the implications for your SaaS GTM motions

Sreeraman Vaidyanathan

· 4 min read

5 Ways the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business During the Pandemic

More and more companies are being forced to take their business online, but not all have the necessary digital infrastructure in place. If you're hoping to get through this pandemic unscathed, you'll need cloud computing to help.

Rashan Dixon

· 5 min read