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The Nuance of Hiring Your Co-founder Via Job Advertorials

" part is that the person chosen must not join the position of co-founder with the mindset of an employee otherwise; the entire process becomes a superfluous!"

Sneha Banerjee

Knowing Each Other for 25 Years Helps These Co-founders Keep Differences at Bay

"It's like four hands working at the top of the business, trying to grow it in every possible direction"

Uber's Travis Kalanick Once Said You Need Bizmance Not Bromance to Run A Partnership

"To be an entrepreneur, you got to be ready for the hard stuff," Kalanick said.

Aashika Jain

The More, The Merrier: Rise of Multiple Co-founders In Startups

With the mushrooming of startups, we have witnessed a new version of saying; 'Too many cooks make a lavish and rich buffet.'

Samiksha Jain

5 Legit Ways That Can Help You Save When Starting Up

Because saving and starting up do not usually go together

Ritu Kochar

15 Questions To Answer Before Partnering With A Co-founder

Co-founder is that partner with whom you would want to travel the journey of your passion, create history and change lives.

Manya Jha

5 Things I've Learned by Co-Founding a Successful Business

Sometimes -- no, oftentimes -- two heads are better than one.

Han-Gwon Lung

Why We Moved to the Himalayas To Build Our Startup?

No, it wasn't for seeking inspiration, nor it was to hire talents!

Harsh Snehanshu

These Companies Just Merged and Want to Help You Find the Perfect Co-Founder

Onevest recently purchased FounderDating to better connect entrepreneurs with potential co-founders.

Nina Zipkin

Tips for Starting a Company Without Any Business Skills

Our entrepreneur expert discusses how to launch a fashion startup without having a business background. Her advice can apply to all industries.

Getting Through Thick and Thin With Your Co-founder

Business partnerships often last longer than marriages. You have to make the right match.

Brian Foley

How to Have a Successful Co-Founder Relationship

Choosing who your business partner will be is the single most important decision you will make in your business -- and potentially in your life.

Jeff Golfman