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Co-working Space a Boon for Teething Startups

The industry witnesses more startups investing in co-working spaces due to a shortage of commercial space in India

Varun Manian

5 Tips on Choosing New-Age Offices

Look for a co-working space that improves employee engagement through its design and works culture

Neetish Sarda

5 Trends That Will Transform India's Co-Working Industry

In the coming years, co-working spaces will provide seamless work experiences to their occupants by offering recreational services like de-stressing zones, sleeping pods, etc

Sudeep Singh

Why Coworking is Perfect for Building a Strong Workspace Community

The ability to work and share experiences with like-minded and compatible human beings helps to form a healthy social-professional spectrum that breeds creativity

Amit Ramani

This Hong Kong Co-working Space is Spreading across Asia

Garage Society has grown its operations across its home base and neighboring countries

Komal Nathani

Pricing in Indian Co-working Spaces has been a Mix of Hits and Misses in 2018

The year 2018 has seen many changes, among them the changes in the pricing of co-working spaces is something to definitely take note of! While some changes have been big hits among businesses others have seen misses and slowdowns

2018's Most Valuable Tips to Build a Successful and Sustainable Co-working Space

India has seen phenomenal expansion when it comes to co-working spaces, Entrepreneur India brings you valuable tips to build or improve your businesses from entrepreneurs and their co-working diaries of 2018!

Bhavya Kaushal

Are Flexible Workspaces the Next Big Thing In the Asia-Pacific Region?

With the passage of time, workspaces have embraced innovation. Here's how flexible workspaces are faring in the fiercely competitive APAC market, which has been smitten by the trend

Nidhi Singh

These Two Australian Brothers Have Set up a Co-working Space for Migrant Entrepreneurs

Here's how these two brothers are helping migrant and refugee entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses in Australia

Komal Nathani

Why Co-working Space is Gaining Popularity?

Co-working spaces have caught the attention of larger corporate also, who are planning to cut down their office space and expenditures

World's Fastest Growing Market of Flexible Office Spaces is Here

Asia Pacific region is outpacing rest of the world by 150 per cent in three years

Komal Nathani

This Asian Country is the Second-most Favorite Destination for Cross-border Investments

This southeastern Chinese country has attracted more than $13 billion in investments in just 19 months

Komal Nathani