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Changing Trends in Co-working: Bringing the Idea of Themes to Spaces

Co-working spaces are a growing phenomenon that recognizes the value of flexibility, collaboration, community and shared resources

Mukul Pasricha

How Does the Culture in Silicon Valley Promote Entrepreneurship?

From airport to hotels to malls to food courts, every place in San Francisco has an infrastructure to stimulate co-working

Ritu Marya

This Global Company Offers Serviced Office Spaces to the Biggest Names in the World

They are currently present in over 120 countries, 900 cities and 3,000 centres. In India alone, they have 100 spaces

Sanchita Dash

#4 Levels on Which Incubator, Accelerator and Co-working Spaces Work for Startups

Incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces should define their operational levels as many are run with no operational expertise and hence produce poor results

Muthu Singaram

How can Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working Spaces in India Help Innovation?

Many of the start-ups fail here as these are generally early-stage and require lots of time, resources and effort

How Co-Working Spaces are Helping Start-ups Unlock their True Potential

One of the major advantages of sharing workspaces is the fact that one can build relationships with potential leads, vendors or partners

Monica Misra

How to Make a Profitable Co-working Business Plan

Occupancy rate of a rented desk is largely dependent upon location and other facilities available in co-working space

Ajeet Chaubey

How These Entrepreneurs Scripted the Success of their Co-working Space Biz

From three to thirteen hubs across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad in four years, the company has grown from strength to strength

Sanchita Dash

How WeWork India Aims to be an Upcoming Hub for Entrepreneurs

The plush office working space offers enterprises the opportunity to interact with countless entities within the hub

Agamoni Ghosh

#5 Upcoming Trends in 2017 that Co-working Spaces Should Prepare for

The co-working spaces provide a comfortable working environment, besides taking care of other factors like flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Nidhi Singh

#7 Reasons Why Co-working Spaces Can be Decisive for Your Start-up's Success

Top co-working facilities frequently organize networking events and also help in finding suitable industry mentors for the start-up.

Puneet Chandra

Co-working Spaces: An Entrepreneur's Oasis

The Co-working spaces of today seek to establish close-knit communities rather than just providing infrastructure