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Invite Serendipity With Strategy

An entrepreneur suggests that strangers who extend an offer to meet over coffee should be sure to clarify a purpose.

Jurgen Appelo

Americans Rank This as the No. 1 Skill to Get Ahead in Life

The most important skill for children to get ahead in the world today isn't reading, math or science, according to a new survey.

Laura Entis

How to Make a Mistake at Work and Get Through it Quickly

You need to acknowledge mistakes, take ownership of them and then ask how you can move forward together as a team.

5 Essential Elements of an Email That Respects People's Time

Leveraging the best communication elements can make email an incredibly valuable and useful tool in your entrepreneurial arsenal.

Peter Gasca

Google's Translate App to Offer Instant Speech-to-Text Translation on Mobile Phones

The update echoes similar efforts currently being spearheaded by Microsoft's Skype.

Geoff Weiss

For the First Time, an Emoji Has Been Named the Most Popular Word of the Year

The heart emoji appears billions of times per day across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and major news outlets, according to a study by the Global Language Monitor, an Austin-based analytics firm.

Geoff Weiss

Give the Gift of Your Presence

An artisan-based business in a small town provides a great lessons that would benefit any entrepreneur.

John Brubaker

If You Want to Build Good Relationships, Stop Hiding Behind Your Email

If you're working through touchy subjects, in-person is better than the inbox.

Samsung Just Gave the Disabled a Way to Click a Mouse With Their Eyes

The second-generation Eyecan+ technology was tested today.

Carly Okyle

Don't Get No Respect? Here's How to Handle It.

The Ethics Coach offers advice for when you're not feeling respected by either your boss or your customers.

Gael O'Brien

This Is How Millennials View Work (Infographic)

A new survey explores how the increasingly influential generation sees their contributions to the working world.

Nina Zipkin