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Design Trends For 2019 That You Don't Want to Miss

As attention spans are shrinking and with the brief life of most communication - brevity is the order of the day - "Keep it simple, stupid" is the mantra

Shahana Jain

Five Must Reads for the 2020 Entrepreneur

Learn how to be a better leader from these experts

Caroline Stokes

8 Great Tricks for Reading People's Body Language

Research shows that 55 percent of communication comes from body language. Learn how to decode it.

Slack Is Adding Email Conversations and Calendar Integrations

Its search function is getting overhauled, too.

AJ Dellinger

Why Soft Skills Make Strong Networks

It is possible to do well, by doing good.

Ivan Misner

Avoid Spelling and Grammar Errors in Email with This Award-Winning Writing Assistant

In the professional world, error-free writing is more important than you might think.

Reducing the Communication Gap Between Employees and Management

When everyone knows what's going on, your company benefits.

Five Reasons Why Chatbots are the Future of Customer Service

With improved technology, nuanced communication and greater reliability, chatbots will allow businesses to achieve organizational goals swiftly

Aakrit Vaish

Digital Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

Small things that can make the use of the digital world meaningful

Vinayak Garg

Work-Life Balance

Whether you're motivated by spreading new ideas or retiring early, just remember that your company is nothing but people

Hamid Farooqui