3 Ways to Get Your Zoom-Fatigued Employees to Embrace the Virtual-First Future of Work

Even with workers eager to get back to the office, virtual-first collaboration will dominate in the future.

Duncan Wardle

According to Scientists, You Can Boost Your Happiness by Doing One Simple Thing on Phone Calls

Research suggests that most people would be happier if they were honest about how much time they wanted to spend talking on the phone.

Justin Chan

5 Elements Molding the Future of Work

According to Sameer Raje, general manager and head of Zoom India, a culture of resilience in hybrid workplace, remote or on-site, is inevitable in the coming future

Future Of AI-powered Voice-Controlled Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

The rapid transformations in information technology and AI have now brought us into a world where fantasy is becoming reality

Tapan Barman

Zoom Lifts Free Call Time Limit for the Holidays

Chat for hours at no cost this Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's.

Stephanie Milot

This Cross Border Communications Firm Has the Ears Of China's 'Global' Startups

Although a boutique communications agency, Eleven International is mostly known to an inner circle. But is quietly building a reputation for itself

Paul Lin

How APIs Can Help Rebuild Customer Relationships Going Forward

Prior to the global crisis, many businesses struggled to effectively execute digital transformation strategies

Rob Thorne

How Emerging Demands Of AI-Powered Solutions Help Gain Momentum Of Businesses

The AI market is witnessing a spur of growth owing to the adoption of big data and cloud-based applications, growing investment by tech leaders, and wide applicability and benefits of these AI-led solutions

Rajesh Murthy

Navigating COVID-19 With Conversational AI

At the forefront of creating deep and engaging conversations via rich-media interactions, Conversational AI has proven itself to be of immense value in the current crisis with vast potential as a new powerful form of two-way communication

Kartik Walia

Twitter Is Testing Audio DMs

The follow-up to June's voice tweets.

Stephanie Mlot

Virtual Becoming the New Normal In the Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Workplaces will need to place emphasis on creating seamless digital interfaces, maintain smooth connectivity and ensure open communication channels between workforces

Mahesh Singhi