Supply chain, what it is and how it works

A supply or supply chain is a set of elements that allow companies to have the necessary organization to carry out the development of a product or service and that this fulfills the main objective that is to satisfy the needs of the end customer.

María Arcia

· 5 min read

Wellness lessons to lead a healthy company

Highly complex contexts such as those we have faced in the last 12 months imply an additional challenge for managers, team leaders and decision makers in organizations.

Lucas Melman

· 5 min read

Recommendations to personalize your value proposition

How do I know if I am on the right track of personalization? These are some of the key elements that you should consider.

Andrés Silva Arancibia

· 6 min read

Uber Mexico will give incentives for 710 million pesos to drivers and delivery people

The Uber Mexico platform seeks to improve the income of its Uber Eats driver and delivery partners, who are generating, on average, 20% more profits than before the pandemic.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 3 min read

Startups Looking to Sustain Their Growth Should Keep These 3 Strategies in Mind

Keeping a startup afloat is challenging, but it doesn't have to be, if you remember these principles.

G2 Consultores

· 3 min read

Google to Invest $7 Billion, Creating Thousands of New Jobs in the U.S.

The technology company laid out its plan for an economic recovery that will hopefully follow the COVID-19 crisis.

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· 1 min read

Chinese Government Reportedly Tells Alibaba to Sell Media Arm

Officials are concerned about the company's influence on public opinion in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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· 1 min read

Zoom's CEO Just Gave Away $6 Billion Worth of His Shares

A spokesperson for the company said that the decision was part of Eric Yuan and his wife's estate plan.

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· 2 min read

Bimbo Becomes One of the Most Ethical Companies in the World for the 5th Consecutive Year

The list, prepared by The Ethisphere Institute, chose 135 companies from 22 countries and 47 industries to award them this badge.

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· 2 min read

Is Your Employer Aware? The 7 Levels of Personal and Business Consciousness

The change and uncertainty that we are currently experiencing can mean the opportunity for unparalleled growth.

Daniel Colombo

· 8 min read

Diversity in the Workplace-an Enabler for Growth

The highest-performing companies on both profitability and diversity had more women in-line roles than in staff roles on their executive teams

Anuradha Khosla

· 3 min read

Is the Fall in GDP Affecting Micro Sectors More Than Macro?

India's GDP growth in the April-June quarter of FY20 slipped to 5% as compared to 8% in the same period last year

Vinayak Sharma

· 4 min read