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Rental Property

Why the Buy-to-let Concept is the Best Option for Property Investment

As an income investment, buy-to-let is quite lucrative, especially when pitted against low interest rates on bank deposits and stocks.
Construction industry

This Third Gen Entrepreneur is Disrupting the B2B Construction Space

He has successfully created an organised market for new and used construction and mining equipment.
Traditional Businesses

5 Ways Startups Can Help Time-Tested, Traditional Industries Evolve

Disrupting a deep-rooted industry like mining requires adjusting your sales tactics and listening really, really well.
Construction industry

Meet This Duo of New-age Construction Innovators

Aaditya Sharda and Ankush Sengupta, Co-founders at Infra.Market believe that the multi-billion dollar Indian construction industry is ready for change
blue collar work

Human vs. Machine: Blue Collar Tech Startups Side With Humans

As automation continues to threaten jobs, can technology help human workers outperform robots?
Growth Strategies

Driven By Duty: wasl Asset Management Group CEO H.E. Hesham Al Qassim

The CEO of wasl Asset Management Group on how his company is helping make Dubai the "best city to visit, work and live in."
Construction industry

Why Road Construction Needs New Hands in India

The road sector in India is in desperate need of new technologies. Not only to improve speed and quality, but also to introduce more environmentally friendly construction techniques.

These #4 Drone Startups are Leading the Way for Industrial Transformation

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle have caught the attention of various startups that are identifying the business opportunity in taking it off commercially.
Success Strategies

The Keys to Success Behind a Multi-Million-Dollar Construction Company

Josh Downing has been declared online platform Thumbtack's first 'millionaire professional.'
3-D Printing

How 3-D Printing Will Improve Our Future

From disaster relief to sustainable life on Mars, 3-D printing looks to improve the world.
Business News

Six Flags Dubai Begins Second Phase Of Construction

Adding its name to the theme parks that will be opening soon under the Dubai Parks and Resorts development is Six Flags, the world's largest amusement park corporation- and Six Flags Dubai has already started its phase two of construction on its Dubai edition.
Construction industry

This $8 Trillion Industry Impacts Your Business Daily, But You Barely Even Notice It

Entrepreneurs should be thankful that the construction world is finally catching up, digitally speaking.

Archetypes And Actualities: David L. Richter Thinks Things Through

The President and CEO of Hill International innovates like an entrepreneur.
Franchise Players

A Franchisee Who's Literally Building His Dream Business From the Ground Up

Jovanny Galarza has prepared to own a construction business ever since he was a little boy, helping his dad around the house.