Increased use of mental and emotional health apps: what can companies do to strengthen their culture of well-being?

It is no coincidence that the average use of mental and emotional health applications has grown by 54% in the period January to April in 2021.

Rodolfo Oviedo

· 4 min read

How your social CV affects your real life

Recruiters collate information about job candidates through their social media posts.

Daniel Colombo

· 8 min read

Survival means becoming a lifelong learner

Today and, even more so, the future, requires people willing to be lifelong learners and learners.

Bernardo Flores Heymann

· 7 min read

Dress like the leader you are: 6 secrets of the female image

Your physical appearance will be one of the determining factors to finalize a business. Learn to take advantage of it!

Marisol García Fuentes

· 4 min read

5 meditations that will fill you with energy

Put aside the cup of coffee - these meditations will help you feel focused and full of vitality.

Paulina Santibáñez Santibáñez

· 4 min read

If you go back to the office, the colder temperature could cause you to gain weight

Working in a cold environment for long periods of time can lower your core body temperature. That lowers the metabolic rate - how fast we burn calories.

The Conversation

· 5 min read

5 steps to adopt new habits and keep them forever

When adopting new habits, be sure to always choose those that will have a positive impact and give your life true meaning.

Pamela Valdés

· 5 min read

Why Cruz Azul broke the curse of 23 years

It was not luck that ended the Machine's losing streak. It was teamwork, a technical director who knew the Machine and the love of his hobby.

March Violante

· 7 min read

The 17 Habits of Millionaires Who Started Small and Retired Young

People who retire young tend to share the same amount of money, lifestyle, and habits of mind.

Hillary Hoffower

· 12 min read

How to control (and take advantage of) your emotions

The Pixar film "Mind-Behind" teaches you how to not let fear, sadness, anger and other emotions affect you.

Belén Gómez Pereira

· 5 min read

7 secrets of Dragon Ball for entrepreneurs

Happy Geek Pride Day! The adventures of Goku and company leave important lessons about teamwork, pride, and mentoring.

March Violante

· 6 min read

Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein Applied the Concept of 'No Time' to Boost Their Creativity. What Does It Entail?

According to neuroscience, taking a break from our busy schedules and devoting some time to doing absolutely nothing is key to fostering creativity.

Alto Nivel

· 4 min read