Consumer Behavior

Knock-on Effects Of COVID-19 On Consumer Behavior And How Businesses Can Prepare For Them

It can be said that COVID-19 has changed the way we work, communicate, and shop more than any other disruption in this decade

Thomas Despin

· 4 min read

Ferns N Petals Is Thriving Like Never Before

As millennials and Gen Z increasingly celebrate occasions with quality gifting, Meeta Gutgutia, Co-Founder, Ferns N Petals, elaborates how the brand is enabling increased customer retention and higher ticket sizes to facilitate franchise profitability

Ashita Marya

· 3 min read

Factors Impacting The Growth of Cold Supply Chain Sector in India

As a country with the predominant industry being farming, the need on developing the supply chain with the focus on temperature control is nascent and highly disorganised

· 4 min read

Humanizing Customer Experience

Conversations are the easiest, most personal and fulfilling way to facilitate interactions between the brand and the consumer

Nishith Patnaik

· 5 min read

Netflix: The New Gen Content Producer

Has social media trained us to consume complex stories or there are other variables at play?

Pritish Sanyal

· 3 min read

Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Food Traceability

Along with empowering consumers, food traceability is also enhancing the value of a brand

Krishna Kumar

· 5 min read

Yaniv Altshuler Uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Predict Consumer Behavior

The computer scientist and entrepreneur explains how his technology empowers banks, retailers, and other businesses.

· 5 min read

The Art of Creating Great Products

A great way to designing is to have a detailed knowledge of the who consumes your products and how they use them

Rohan Batra

· 5 min read

Multigenerational Households Are Influencing North American Retail Trends

Marketing strategies need to include families with adult kids and grandparents under the same roof.

Sharon Vinderine

· 4 min read

Why Sales Development Representatives Are Becoming Obsolete

What was once meant to speed up the sales process is slowing it down.

Chris Smith

· 5 min read

Advantage Technology For Unorganised Sector

Micro retailers are finally getting access to tool that help them strengthen their sourcing capabilities and better compete with their more organized counterparts

Preeti Vasudevan

· 4 min read

Emerging Trends in Consumer Behavior and Awareness About E- Waste Disposal

India currently recycles less than 2% of the total e-waste it produces annually,which has to change

V Ranganathan

· 4 min read