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What Sustainable Innovation Might Look Like in 2021

To tackle some of the biggest challenges we face today, like climate and health, we'll need to fundamentally rethink our approach to innovation.

Felix Staeritz

· 5 min read

Reflections While #StayingHome: What Technology And The COVID-19 Crisis Are Teaching Us About Conscious Investing

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed just how intertwined we are, and how issues of public health and the environment need to underpin any investment now being made.

Sonia Weymuller

· 6 min read

How Startups Can Leverage Corporate Venture Capital Opportunities In MENA

Startups should tap into the opportunity presented by corporate venture capital in the MENA region.

Markus Massi

· 5 min read

Qué es el Capital Emprendedor Corporativo y cómo puede ayudarte a crecer

Conoce a qué se refiere el Corporate Venture Capital, inversiones sistemáticas en empresas innovadoras de reciente creación (mejor conocidas como startups).

EGADE Business School

· 5 min read

David Hall

· 5 min read

Will Corporate Venture Capital Disrupt the Traditional Investment Ecosystem?

Here's what entrepreneurs need to know when evaluating funding sources for their startups.

Rami Rahal

· 4 min read