What We Know and Don't Know About Cannabis and COVID-19

Good for health, probably not. Good for business? You better believe it.

Andrew Ward

"Joints for Jabs" and Similar Programs Roll Out Across the Country

Will free prerolls and edibles get more people vaccinated? Some states are betting on it.

Lesley Balla

Michigan Dispensary Gives People Free Cannabis for Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

In an interesting mix of marketing and public service, a Michigan weed store is offering 'Pot for Shots.'

Covid-19 Is Changing The Way People Think About Cannabis

If there is anything positive to come from the pandemic, perhaps it's changed perceptions about marijuana.

COVID-19 And Cannabis: What's The Latest In Treatment?

Israeli researchers are using cannabis treatment to down-regulate the inflammation storm before patients develop severe lung inflammation.

Drug Trial Planned For Synthetic Cannabinoid COVID-19 Treatment

By using this powerful anti-inflammatory, a Philadelphia cannabis company believes it can mitigate the immune response triggered by COVID-19.

Brendan Bures