Company Culture

Company Culture Is A Myth. Instead, Get Small Teams In Sync.

Humans struggle to stay in tune with more than 150 people at once, according to the anthropologist Robin Dunbar.

4 Ways to Avoid Loneliness as a Solopreneur

Running a business by yourself doesn't mean you should spend all your time alone.

5 Compelling Reasons Why I Ditched My Office For A Coworking Space

Coworking opened up opportunities I never would have had access to in my solo office.

Todos para uno y uno para todos: así funciona el coworking

El trabajo colaborativo es un concepto que surge de las prácticas de emprendedores y freelancers. ¿Ya lo has probado?

WeWork, Industrious, The Yard: Here's How Much Membership Will Cost You at 12 Coworking Spaces

Here's a peek behind the pricing curtain, plus tips for lessening the financial burden on your business.

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Growth Strategies

Figuring Out Your Organization's Culture Conundrum: The How-To

It's the intersection of your people and the work that they do that provides the key to sustainable success, striking the perfect balance between productivity and profitability.

Así fue como WeWork pasó de valer 47 mil millones de dólares a menos de 8 mil millones

WeWork sufrió una de las debacles comerciales más dramáticas de los últimos años tras su intento fallido de salir a Bolsa.

Homework te regala 3 meses de renta para que arranques tu propio negocio

El coworking anunció la beca Impulsando Comunidades Libres.

Co-working Spaces Will Continue to See Remarkable Growth in the Near Future

Today, India is the second-largest market for flexible workspace in the Asia-Pacific region after China with over 1,000 co-working spaces
Ideas de negocio

Idea de negocio de temporada: un outlet navideño online

Nueve de cada 10 mexicanos celebraron la Navidad el año pasado. ¡No desaproveches este mercado!

Here's What Co-Working in India Looked Like In 2019

According to a FlexiSpaces report, millennials and young professionals seem to be driving the growth of such spaces in India.

Here's How Workspaces Evolved in 2019, and How They Will In 2020

The calendar year about to end saw the standardization of the co-working space as it grew from a novelty to a norm

#11 Perfect Ways How Startups Can Design Their Office And Gain Maximum Productivity

Create a space that shapes the working culture and expert tells us how to do it

Estos son 6 coworkings en América Latina que debes conocer

Estos lugares han destacado en sus países por la calidad de sus servicios; seleccionados por ser lugares dinámicos y "hubs de innovación" que conectan a empresas jóvenes con mentes creativas y compañías de nivel internacional.

¡Descarga gratis aquí la Guía Entrepreneur de Coworkings de México!

Conoce todo lo que te ofrece la guía Entrepreneur sobre espacios de coworking para trabajar, conectar y emprender. ¡Descarga ya tu ebook!

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