Now SoftBank will operate WeWork offices in Latin America

SoftBank Latin America Fund will manage coworking in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

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5 cambios a implementar para hacer un coworking 'kid-friendly' y recibir mamás que hacen home office

Al convertir tu espacio de coworking en un lugar amigable para los niños, puedes aumentar la llegada de mamás y papás que buscan dónde trabajar tranquilos.

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5 changes to implement to make a 'kid-friendly' coworking and receive moms who do home office

By turning your coworking space into a kid-friendly place, you can increase the arrival of moms and dads who are quietly looking for a place to work.

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Last Woman Standing: After 2020, One Women's Coworking Company Remains

Hera Hub has survived the pandemic, and the cultural fallout that afflicted other female coworking businesses. Founder Felena Hanson explains how she pulled it off.

Guanajuato tiene un nuevo centro de negocios: IOS OFFICES Foro 4 León

Este desarrollo busca evolucionar el estilo de vida leonés al combinar cuatro pilares en el mismo espacio: oficinas, comercio y gastronomía, hotel y salones de eventos.

Audrey Gelman's Apology Reveals the Struggles of a First-Time Founder and 3 Key Takeaways for Other Entrepreneurs

The Wing founder apologized for her company's treatment of LGBTQ and BIPOC members and staff.

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She Sold Her Co-Working Business and Joined a Giant Competitor. Here's Why.

Shelley Bade has had a complex journey with the co-working franchise Office Evolution. It began as a competitor, then turned into a support system when she needed it the most.

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Coworking Spaces : The Future of Workforce

If coworking spaces want to continue business-as-usual and ensure greater attraction of corporates towards them, they will have to implement heightened safety protocols, higher than a traditional office

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Businesses Can't Run from Kitchen Tables Forever. Here's Why Coworking Will Make a Comeback.

From mental health to spontaneous creativity, there are many reasons coworking will rebound after the pandemic.

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Are Pandemic-Hit Co-working Operators Ready For Post-COVID Era?

Here's how the pandemic has affected them, what precautionary actions they are taking and what plans they have chalked out for the future

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El coworking se reinventa en la era post COVID-19

Arrendar grandes áreas por largos periodos, pagar altos costos por el aprovisionamiento de servicios e infraestructura y mantener una alta concentración de empleados no tiene ya mucho sentido.


WeWork To Pump $100 Mln Into India Business

In Friday's statement, the company said that WeWork India was already profitable and played an important role in the global scheme of business.

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