The Year That Was: Omar Al Mheiri, Co-founder, Letswork

"Both as a person and as a business, it is so important to be able to bounce back no matter what life throws at you."

Aby Sam Thomas

· 3 min read

¡Idea de negocio! Prepárate para la temporada navideña con un outlet online

Nueve de cada 10 mexicanos celebraron la Navidad el año pasado. ¡No desaproveches este mercado!

Entrepreneur en Español

· 3 min read

Audrey Gelman's Apology Reveals the Struggles of a First-Time Founder and 3 Key Takeaways for Other Entrepreneurs

The Wing founder apologized for her company's treatment of LGBTQ and BIPOC members and staff.

Janine Yancey

· 5 min read

Coworking Spaces : The Future of Workforce

If coworking spaces want to continue business-as-usual and ensure greater attraction of corporates towards them, they will have to implement heightened safety protocols, higher than a traditional office

Paras Arora

· 4 min read

¡Idea de negocio! ¿Quieres abrir un servicio diferente? Pon una tienda infantil en línea

Los papás y parientes de los niños podrán encontrar en un solo lugar desde ropa, calzado y accesorios, hasta pañales, juguetes, cubiertos, bañeras, muebles y elementos de decoración.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 3 min read

Businesses Can't Run from Kitchen Tables Forever. Here's Why Coworking Will Make a Comeback.

From mental health to spontaneous creativity, there are many reasons coworking will rebound after the pandemic.

Chris Porteous

· 7 min read

Are Pandemic-Hit Co-working Operators Ready For Post-COVID Era?

Here's how the pandemic has affected them, what precautionary actions they are taking and what plans they have chalked out for the future

Debarghya Sil

· 5 min read

El coworking se reinventa en la era post COVID-19

Arrendar grandes áreas por largos periodos, pagar altos costos por el aprovisionamiento de servicios e infraestructura y mantener una alta concentración de empleados no tiene ya mucho sentido.


· 4 min read

WeWork To Pump $100 Mln Into India Business

In Friday's statement, the company said that WeWork India was already profitable and played an important role in the global scheme of business.

Debroop Roy

· 3 min read

Flexible Workspace Providers Elevate Operations To Win Workforce Post COVID-19

While the prevailing crisis has given rise to innovative and Flexi-work solutions, such as telecommuting and rostered timings, it is also important to note that businesses do require a cohesive workplace infrastructure

Raghuvinder Singh Pathania

· 4 min read

Asia's Flexible Workplaces Must Take Up the Sustainability Torch

Global demand for flexible and remote workplaces has risen in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, as more workers are forced to stay away from their fixed office. At the same time, the longer-term trend has been slowly but surely away from fixed office locations and hours, and towards more flexible workplace arrangements.

Justin Chen

· 7 min read

Company Culture Is A Myth. Instead, Get Small Teams In Sync.

Humans struggle to stay in tune with more than 150 people at once, according to the anthropologist Robin Dunbar.

Bruce Daisley

· 8 min read