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Why Europe Is the Next Major Startup Hub

The future for small-to-medium-sized online businesses and startups in Europe looks bright.

Thomas Smale

A Co-working Space vs. a Private Office: How Do You Choose?

Keep in mind:The presence of Ping-Pong and foosball tables may be off-putting to a more traditional client base.

Thomas Smale

This Start-up is Building a Hip Office Culture

The 32 employee strength company wants to make sure that they focus on the right things and not just expand mindlessly

Sugandh Bahl

This Entrepreneur is Ending Monday Blues, One Office at a Time

He has cracked the secret code of co-working spaces in India

Sanchita Dash

What Will Coworking Spaces Look Like in 2020?

Watch out for more industry-specific spaces and more participation from large corporations.

John Wechsler

Networking for Dummies: How is it Beneficial for Entrepreneurs

For every entrepreneur, regardless of their stage it is important to network and take home notes on their idea

Is a Coworking Space Worth the Cost if You're Already Working From Home?

The commute from kitchen to home office is great, but it gets lonely when it's just you and the dog.

#4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most Out Of a Co-working Space

Co-working can become the best option for an entrepreneur if used wisely.

Nidhi Singh

#4 Ways How Every Weekday Can be a Weekend For You

These spaces are designed to be a mood-lifter and are very different from the drag and dull buildings of corporate behemoths

Sanchita Dash

Corporate Politics and Toxic Environments Are the Real Reasons Women Are 'Leaning Out'

Corporations complain there is not enough talent, even as they ignore work environments that drive away women in their career prime.

Felena Hanson

Co-working: A cost-effective, New-age Concept of Networking

The industry is growing everyday as more people strike out on their own to freelance or open their own businesses