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These 7 Tips Helped Me Avoid Solopreneur Isolation

Working alone 12 hours a day in your pajamas is even less glamorous than it sounds.

John Rampton

· 7 min read

How profitable are coworking spaces in India?

With so many coworking spaces being set up in India, the question arises: Are they making money?

Sandeep Soni

· 7 min read

Tour Amazon's Funky Pop-up Loft Designed for Tech Entrepreneurs

The new co-working space is designed to showcase Amazon's cloud services capabilities as that sector heats up.

Nina Zipkin

· 3 min read

7 Ways to Be Popular at Work Without Sucking Up to Anybody

A lot of what we did to stay out of trouble with the kids on the playground applies at work. Don't gossip, don't tattle, play nicely.

Murray Newlands

· 5 min read

The 4 Ingredients of Utah's Startup 'Secret Sauce'

The aptly nicknamed Beehive State has a strong entrepreneurial culture and offers ample support for startups.

John Rampton

· 5 min read

An Insider Look at RocketHub, the AlleyNYC Company That Sold for $15 Million

Rockethub, incubated at AlleyNYC, sold for $15 million. Coworking was a big part of its success.

Jason Saltzman

· 5 min read

6 Ways to Change Your Environment to Be More Inspiring

Sometimes to get out of a rut, entrepreneurs must look beyond their internal voice of intuition to get motivated.

Te-Erika Patterson

· 4 min read

The Best Places to Work Aren't In the Office

Unusual working environments often boost productivity. Give them a try.

Lisa Evans

· 5 min read

Why We Invested in AlleyNYC

Co-working space AlleyNYC recently raised $16 million in a round we participated in. Here's our reasoning.

Ray Hennessey

· 7 min read

7 Tips for Creating Your Own Co-working Space

Need to find other ambitious and motivated business professionals to work with? Build a place that will foster collaboration, creativity and inspiration.

Peter Gasca

· 5 min read

Stuck at the Idea Phase? These 6 Collaboration Avenues Can Help.

Working with others on a project is one of the most effective ways to move an idea forward.

Peter Gasca

· 5 min read