5 documents to prove income, even if you are freelance or work on your own

These documents will be the evidence that you do have the financial solvency to pay each month.

What should I take into account if I want to request a loan for my company?

We will provide you with some 'highlights' so that you know what you need if you are considering applying for a loan for your business.

Good debts vs. Bad Debts: What Are There In Your Life?

Applying for a financing option is an initial step in starting a business ... if you know how to handle them.

Santander and Coparmex join forces to reactivate SMEs in CDMX with preferential loans

Banco Santander promised to offer better loan conditions to the nearly 5,000 Coparmex associates in CDMX.

What should you know before asking for money?

Before applying for a loan, consider the following points so that you do not go into debt beyond your capabilities.

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Rappi and Banorte launch 'RappiContigo', a program that will allocate credits to businesses and restaurants affected by the pandemic

Both companies formed an alliance in which they want to offer up to MX $ 250 million in loans for working capital.

What Happens If I Don't Pay Down My Credit Online?

Sign up for online payments to avoid penalties and annoyance.

Access to credit, training and support to close the gender gap in business

Let's face it: it is easier for men to access credit and other financial instruments for their businesses than for women.

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Launch of the 'Diverse Financing' program for LGBTQIA + entrepreneurial entrepreneurs

The amount of the FMELGBT + and Viwala credits ranges from 300 thousand to five million pesos.

How Do You Know If a Credit Offer Is Fraudulent?

If they offer you credits with very few or no requirements, run!

New credits for individuals with formal economic activities affected by the pandemic

The Ministry of Economy and the Banco del Bienestar presented this new product. People with small businesses will be able to access loans from 20,000 to 50,000 pesos, at a competitive interest rate of 10%, well below the market average of 30%, with terms of 21 months to pay.

9 questions to ask yourself before requesting a loan

Looking for a bank loan involves much more than filling out an application and praying ...

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