Streaming Services Join Music Industry 'Blackout' Over the Death of George Floyd

Some artists feel #theshowmustbepaused observance is "tone deaf," however.

IMF Warns 'Great Lockdown' Global Recession Will Be Worst Since Great Depression

Global gross domestic product will shrink by 3% in 2020 before recovering by 5.8% in 2021, according to the International Montetary Fund's base case.

Coronavirus: Even In a Post-Crisis World, Expect Drastic Changes In Consumer Behavior

According to a study by consulting firm Hammerkopf, 65 per cent respondents said they believed it would take anywhere between six to twelve months for normalcy to return.

Minimiza el impacto financiero de las crisis con negociaciones efectivas

Manejar contratos en riesgo requerirá de disciplina, mindfulness y compromiso con una visión que vaya más allá de lo que estamos viviendo.

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How UAE Businesses Can Protect The Ecosystem While Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic

In the UAE, where there are no direct unemployment benefits, there is nothing short of a moral obligation among companies to take measured and careful steps when deciding where and how much to cut in order to navigate their businesses through the COVID-19 minefield.

6 claves para liderar en tiempos de crisis

¿Crees que le hace falta un cambio de dirección a tu empresa, para hacer frente a la crisis? Primero revisa cómo anda tu liderazgo.
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Four Ways To Keep Your Team Committed When Your Enterprise Is In A Crisis

If you have a culture where employees enjoy coming to work, and are fully involved/consulted in the company's growth plan, then they will be more committed to seeing the company perform and survive in any situation.

No permitas que las crisis afecten tus finanzas personales: Cómo hacer un plan para proteger tu dinero

Quiero compartirte una manera para blindarte y esto es haciendo tu plan anticrisis.

¿Qué tan preparado estás para hacer frente a una crisis?

Construir un negocio, o iniciar un proyecto de emprendimiento, no es fácil, se deben considerar numerosas variables para un sólido desarrollo.

Comunicando en crisis: empatía, claridad y propósito

Una crisis puede ser una gran oportunidad para crecer.
Crisis Management

Google: Actually, We're Going to Do a Coronavirus Website After All

After President Trump announced Google was creating a website to direct people to coronavirus testing locations, Google said a limited site was being handled by Alphabet subsidiary Verily Life Sciences. On Saturday night, however, Google said it would also release a nationwide COVID-19 site.
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Google Is Rewarding Users for Sharing Coronavirus Symptoms

Do you have a fever of at least 100 degrees, a cough and a sore throat? Google is asking on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University.

Will Startup Be an Option to Mid-Life Crisis in 2020?

There are many reasons why many professionals in their late-30s are now looking into leaving their regular jobs to set foot in the startup game
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10 pasos para elegir la franquicia correcta en tiempos de crisis

La franquicia es una de las formas más seguras de emprender tu propio negocio. Sólo asegúrate de elegir una que te haga sentido.