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What Consumers Want -- and Don't Want -- From the Internet of Things (Infographic)

As more and more connected smart devices pour into the market, here's what we hope for and dread.

Carly Okyle

· 2 min read

5 Ecommerce Trends Retailers Can Profit From This Holiday Season If They Prepare

As technology becomes integral to shopping, gearing up for the busy season requires retailers to do more than string Christmas lights.

Tara Sporrer

· 5 min read

4 Ways to Make Your Business a Powerful Customer Magnet

Attract new customers super fast with these techniques.

Chip R. Bell

· 5 min read

Customer Experience Should Not Be the Job of Just One Person

Structure your organization so that responsibility for overseeing consumer interactions is shared across the whole company.

Mark Lancaster

· 4 min read

The 4 Things Your Customers Really Want

The essential dynamic of a quality service relationship comes down to a company's addressing these core questions.

Tom Borg

· 3 min read

Reciprocal Loyalty -- the Best Way to Acquire and Retain Customers

Some companies cultivate and win consumers' support by thanking and rewarding them for their online engagement.

Keith Smith

· 4 min read

Beat Your Competition Into the Ground

Customers remember what's put out in front of them first, so it pays to be fast.

John Brubaker

· 4 min read

The Tech Surge That's Putting Consumers in the Forefront

Why the shift from producers to customers is changing everything.

John Sculley

· 4 min read

Fashioning a Memorable Retail Experience That People Will Share

Building a brand that promotes a true sense of community requires an investment in the customer experience beyond optimizing a handful of social media accounts.

David Rekuc

· 6 min read

Finding a 'Theory of Everything' for Retail

Large merchants are plagued by operating in silos. Whether selling online or in a store, they can aim to operate as one company before the customer's eyes.

Peter Sobotta

· 4 min read

How to Increase Revenue Without Actually Selling

You are sitting on a gold mine. Here is how to capitalize on it.

Mike Templeman

· 4 min read

To Maximize Your Website, Use 'Psychological Distance' to Your Advantage

How your customers perceive your product should determine how you present it to them.

Liraz Margalit

· 6 min read