Customer Feedback

How to Make Negative Feedback Work For You

You can't avoid getting tough criticism sometimes. Instead of trying to prevent it, try these simple strategies for finding the silver lining.

Aytekin Tank

· 6 min read

Entrepreneur Store

· 2 min read

Gone Are The Days Of A Minimum Viable Product (It's All About the Minimum Lovable Product Now)

A minimum lovable product understands that some people will fall in love with it, while others may not like it at all.

Mohamed El-Dib (Dibo)

· 3 min read

How to Handle Difficult People (and Still Achieve Your Business Goals)

A founder's guide to effectively utilizing feedback -- even from impossible-to-please, difficult people.

Aytekin Tank

· 7 min read

Instructions in Customer Centricity from Jet Airways

Recognize That There is No Such Thing as "My Typical Customer", averages can be deceptive

Ashish Merchant

· 4 min read

Need to Establish Trust With Your Audience? Leverage Social Proof.

You can't be the only one talking about how great your brand is -- leverage testimonials and reviews to increase audience buy-in.

Terry Rice

· 2 min read

Bad Yelp Review? It Could Be the Weather.

Research shows a strong correlation between bad weather and unhappy customer reviews.

Gene Marks

· 4 min read

· 9 min read

Growth Hacking With Customer Feedback

Seven tips for using surveys to unlock startup growth and innovation.

Leela Srinivasan

· 7 min read

How Customer Feedback Helps to Fortify A Salon Business

For understanding what customers want today, a salon owner should carry out customer feedback process

BusinessEx Staff

· 4 min read

Your Customers Have Questions. But Are You Actually Listening?

One CEO this contributor knows spends two weeks a year in his company's call center, talking to customers directly.

Shaun Belding

· 8 min read

What To Do If Customers Aren't Buying Your Product

The trick is to find that subset of customers who are eager to buy your product or service, make it easy for them to buy, and easy to tell others about it

Jana Matthews

· 5 min read