A Guide to Turning Your Customers Into Your Product Designers

It's your buyers who make a product successful (or not), so involve them!

Sumit Aneja

· 4 min read

5 Ways to Be More Strategic and Successful in 2021

Design a comeback plan of action (not reaction) for the new year.

Leslie Hassler

· 8 min read

Customer-Centricity as a Business Mission

While it is a widely spread board-room buzzword, the reality is that it is not as widely applied. Customer-centricity is easier said than done.

Ilenia Vidili

· 4 min read

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

"Studies confirm that employee happiness correlates with employee efficiency, creativity, and productivity. This, in turn, has the same effect on customers– proving that happy employees make customers happy."

Priyanka Mittal

· 5 min read

6 Ways to Ensure Employee and Customer Satisfaction When Everyone's Working Remotely

In order to lead successfully, you need to satisfy employees and customers. Here's how to do it right.

Sumit Aneja

· 6 min read

Digging For Gold: Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Understanding your customers and meeting them where they are, in order to better serve them, is the secret of success.

Divya Parekh

· 6 min read

A Short Guide To Delivering Great Customer Service During a Pandemic

Delivering support during these challenging times-while working remotely-is only one piece of the puzzle. The bigger challenge would be to genuinely help customers when they're hit by a huge business slowdown

Niraj Ranjan Rout

· 5 min read

Free Webinar: Simple Marketing Techniques to Re-Engage With Customers and Make Them Feel Safe

Franchise Bible author Rick Grossmann discusses how marketing is changing and new ways and platforms for sending your marketing messages to your customers.

Entrepreneur Insider

· 1 min read

Buyer Personas: What They Are, Why They Matter and How to Best Build One

Fictional representations of customers can help you get a deeper understanding of who's purchasing your products.

Jennifer Spencer

· 4 min read

Why Customer-centricity Wins Out Every Time

Customer-centricity is synonymous with successful businesses, especially as markets are saturated with more choice than ever, and savvy customers are increasingly empowered to explore their options

Gero Decker

· 6 min read

Top B2C Habits That Your Business Must Follow in 2020

A careful evaluation of your customer strategy can help you identify your weak points and chart a path to boosting customer retention.

Portia Antonia Alexis

· 10 min read

Is Poor Customer Experience Person-Related or Policy-Related?

Odds are, it's a bit of both, but there are ways to change course.

Phil Geldart

· 5 min read