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Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy. Here's How to Bring the Two Together.

The security team is now seen as the backbone of functioning operations and customer trust.  

Joseph Melika

3 Ways Cybersecurity is Uniquely Positioned to Provide a Pathway Into the Tech Industry

Cybersecurity democratizes access to opportunity and creates a global talent win for companies.

Joseph Melika

Fighting Ransomware In the Age Of COVID-19

With fear and uncertainty looming large among the public at large, cyber-criminals have launched a series of ransomware attacks

Krishna Kumar

Cybersecurity checklist to protect your online business: a priority for MSMEs in their post-COVID digital transformation

The cybersecurity industry reported that there were 14 billion attempted cyberattacks in Mexico during 2020. In addition, it estimated a 72% increase in these types of attacks in 2020 compared to 2019.

Arturo Lee

What is DARKSIDE, the cybercriminal ransomware group that has the world on alert?

On May 7, 2021, a ransomware attack violated Colonial Pipeline, one of the most important oil pipeline companies in the United States.

Víctor Ruiz

The Privacy and Security Risks of Web Scraping Coronavirus Data

Web scraping to track individuals who have taken the coronavirus immunization vaccine will be a complex and massive undertaking.

Eugene Tsaplin

Securely Store Your BTC, ETH, and More with This Hardware Crypto Wallet

With biometric authentication and top-notch security, D'CENT keeps your crypto safe.

Judge grants definitive suspension of the biometric data registry

Although it only benefits the person who promoted the amparo, Gómez Fierro's ruling sets a precedent for mobile phone users.

Surya Palacios

How Much Does Cybersecurity Really Cost?

The majority of data is now stored online, but cybersecurity is a preventative measure that some companies need more than others.

Jacky Chou