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How have fintechs fared during the pandemic?

The country has an ecosystem conducive to technological and financial ventures, which place it as one of the Latin American destinations with the highest investment for fintech companies.

Now the bank - and the fintech companies - will know your location

You, as a user, can refuse to grant your location, but if you do, the bank will not allow you to use their application.

Staying at a Hotel or an AirBnB This Summer? Consider Using a VPN.

Add an extra layer of online privacy with the use of a virtual private network

This Data Privacy Filter Can Help Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrime

Small businesses are frequent cybercrime targets. Protect yours today.

Hackers Sell Data from 500 Million LinkedIn Users

Following the Facebook security scandal, a hacker put up a database of personal and work information from millions of LinkedIn accounts for sale.

YouTube and video games, the topics most sought after by children during the quarantine

A study by Kaspersky Study found that content related to Minecraft and Among Us are the most sought after by the little ones in the house.

Why Digital Adoption Deserves Center Stage

Finding the right technology is just the first step. For transformation to be a true success, you need to change cultures and mindsets.

Ralph Tkatchuk

A Ticking Time Bomb: Mainstream Messaging Apps Are Killing Your Company's Security

In order to protect your employees, you need a messaging app that's truly secure.

Alex White

One Shockingly Common Blind Spot that Can Derail Your Company's Cybersecurity

So you think your company's data is secure? If you haven't engaged your employees in cybersecurity, your company could be in danger.

Janine Yancey

The Jaw-Dropping Range of Cybercrimes is Due to the Gap in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Intensive training can eliminate the human risk factor within companies, and offer a lucrative career path in cybersecurity.

Farhana Rahman