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Amidst Controversy, Should Brands Distance Themselves from Facebook Advertising ?

Not only celebrities but advertisers like German bank Commerzbank, Software Giant Mozilla and Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Sonos have also paused Facebook advertising.

Nidhi Singh

· 4 min read

India's First Home-grown Social Media Platform Will Be Ready Very Soon. Thanks to Facebook!

The invitation was so tempting that even the Chief Digital Officer of Mahindra Group Jaspreet Bindra also pitched his startup idea to his boss, Anand Mahindra on his tweet

Komal Nathani

· 3 min read

Don't Let a Data Debacle Like Facebook's Happen at Your Company

In this case, it's not a good idea to "follow" Facebook.

David Gorbet

· 7 min read

6 Tips to Stop Hackers from Stealing Your Data and Your Business

Only you and your employees can ensure your organization's future security.

Grant Bourzikas

· 4 min read

Making Your Data Unreadable to Whoever Steals It Might Be the Only Way to Keep It Safe

Encryption is slowly becoming the gold standard for data security, which is a tacit acknowledgment that there is no keeping hackers out.

Peter Page

· 7 min read

Ransomware Could Be the Monster If Stephen King Wrote a Novel About Small Businesses

Protecting your business from a ransomware attack costs money. An attack could easily cost you your business.

Austin McChord

· 6 min read

Will Equifax Make Money From Its Massive Security Breach?

The company that lost your most sensitive information will, for a fee, protect you from the people who stole it.

Howard S. Dvorkin

· 5 min read

Lax Online Security Can Destroy Your Brand Overnight

Protecting your brand requires much more than picking a good password, though that is an important start.

Rehan Ijaz

· 5 min read

A Post-Equifax world: What Online Businesses Need to Know

Has your personal data, or your company's, already been leaked onto the "dark web"? Here are some things you can do.

Jason Tan

· 5 min read

Understanding the GoT leak & Tips to Safeguard Content

With huge popularity of TV shows like Game of Thrones, entertainment companies have a hard time securing data because a dozen of entities are involved in production and post-production

Sidharth Iyer

· 4 min read

What Businesses Can Do About a Trillion-Dollar Fraud Problem

There are a few ways companies can protect customer data from hackers.

Sunil Madhu

· 6 min read

Investing in Cybersecurity is No More an Option for Businesses. Here's Why

Today wealth is increasingly tied to intellectual property, which can be stolen or destroyed in a cyber attack

Agamoni Ghosh

· 3 min read