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[Funding Alert] LetsTransport Raises INR 13 Crore From InnoVen Capital

The company has operations across sectors including organized retail, fast moving consumer goods and e-commerce, and counts the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, Coca-Cola and Delhivery among its clients.

Debroop Roy

· 2 min read

5 Personal-Finance Mistakes That Kill Promising Companies

For entrepreneurs, one slip-up can have far-reaching consequences.

Rashan Dixon

· 5 min read

Oliver Isaacs

· 7 min read

Loan Defaults in India Happen Because of This Reason

According to a study, delay in salaries account for 36 per cent and business downturn 29 per cent of loan defaults. Other reasons for defaults are medical emergencies, loss of job and being out of the city or country.

Debroop Roy

· 2 min read

Financial Planning for First-time Entrepreneurs

A little prudence and planning at the start of your journey, will go a long way in ensuring the continued success of your business

Lalit Keshre

· 4 min read

How Should Entrepreneurs Manage Their Debt?

For an entrepreneur, debt is unavoidable and can be a useful tool to help start and grow your business, if managed well

Amar Pandit

· 4 min read

3 Tips for Dealing With Debt as an Entrepreneur (60-Second Video)

Here's how to extricate yourself from a sticky financial situation.

Patrick Carone

· 1 min read

How I Built $500 in Credit to $500,000

Start small, pay on time, be proactive.

Levi King

· 6 min read

5 Unexpected Business Decisions You Should Negotiate

Cash flow woes can kill a company, but there are a few surprising opportunities to negotiate a bigger cushion for your small business.

Tiffany Delmore

· 6 min read

Meet India's Master of Finance

From having humble, pastoral beginnings to becoming mission-driven banker who has become a compelling force in solving the problem of access to finance in the economy, the story of Kshama Fernandes is such wonder, well, with a bent of credit!

Bhavya Kaushal

· 3 min read

Planning Business in the Face of Uncertainty

Fire/flood, cyber attacks, or new competitors are all risks that could hurt work. It's best to be ready, always

Jana Matthews

· 5 min read

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Finances Healthy

Keep your books in the black through smart planning and earnest leadership.

Anand Srinivasan

· 4 min read