Digital Communications


Quartz to Text You the News, Joining Other SMS-Based Services

The digital news outlet will offers users a reading experience similar to a text-message conversation. It's the latest in a string of startups and tech companies that are emulating the most basic digital communication format.
Employee Engagement

It's Not Only OK for Your Employees to Engage Through Digital -- It's a Must

Here are five ways to boost staffer engagement -- and your bottom line -- through social media and other digital outlets.
Digital Disruption

It's Crucial to Keep Up With These 6 Digital Trends in 2016

Using 3-D printers, Bitcoin and the Internet of Things are just a few ways to stay ahead of the digital game this year.
Virtual Reality

You Can Make Eye Contact With This Startup's Holograms

'We see this as the transporting vehicle to move the Internet from a 2D space to a 3D space,' 8i co-founder says.
Crisis Management

5 Crisis Management Tips for Your Digital Brand

Brands can be destroyed in hours. Remember: You're not the story.
Digital Communications

Five Steps SMBs Should Take To Ensure Both Short- And Long-Term Success

General Manager of Cisco UAE Rabih Dabboussi gives five factors SMBs should take for their short and long term strategies.
Digital Communications

Unlocking Opportunities For Startups And SMBs With Digitization

From healthcare to transport and beyond, the shift to digital ways of thinking is helping to streamline processes, remove inefficiency and create better experiences for patients, passengers and the general public alike.

How This Unlikely App Made It to the Top of the App Store Rankings

An app that lets school teachers communicate with students and parents hit the number 11 spot this week.
Growth Strategies

Don't Worry About Traveling. Grow Your Business by Attending Online Summits.

Here is some advice on how to choose a digital event and how to get the most out of it.

Will the Art of the Signature Be Lost in the Digital Age?

We use to put pen to paper all the time. Now, penmanship isn't even a priority.
Digital Communications

8 Digital Experts Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

These men and women's strong personal brands act as positive beacons for their companies.
Women Entrepreneurs

The Media Mogul: Nisreen Shocair

Virgin Megastores MENA President Nisreen Shocair talks about the corporation's growth throughout the Arab world.

How to Bridge the Communications Gender Gap -- From Both Sides

When differences crop up between newbies and workplace vets, this can lead to a disconnect in the office. Here's how to gracefully resolve them.

Startup Hashdoc Could Be Your Company's Next Digital Resources Hub

Hashdoc is an open knowledge database that helps business professionals find and share digital resources.