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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Should Avoid

The internet is offering marketers the perfect opportunity to reach out to their customers and influence their decisions

Ambika Sharma

· 4 min read

Survey Finds Marketers Know All the Important Tech Trends But Aren't Prepared for Any of Them

A convergence of online technologies is revolutionizing online marketing but marketers seem to be simply waiting to see what happens.

Constance Aguilar

· 5 min read

Building A Brand In The Age Of Millennials

In digital marketing, avenues to communicate with your users are limitless but avenues to do this at scale are limited to Facebook and Google

Suchita Salwan

· 6 min read

How to Measure Digital Marketing Campaign

More than the number of posts one makes on a day, it is crucial to ascertain the right thought process that worked in the drafting of each post

Chirag Prajapati

· 3 min read

Why Entrepreneurs in India need to Capitalize on Mobile Advertising

Here's how mobile advertising can lead your business growth in the market.

Agamoni Ghosh

· 3 min read

What is Growth Hacking and How Can Businesses Benefit From It?

Digital aggressiveness has turned out to be a boon for start-ups trying to reach their audience

Rama Iyer

· 3 min read

How Start-ups Should Approach Digital Marketing to Survive This Cut-Throat Competition

A common mistake that start-ups do is to wait for marketing until the product is completely ready

Ankush Mahajan

· 5 min read

The Invisible Threat of 'Black Hat' SEO to Your Company's Reputation

While you are diligently using good-guy tactics to boost your online presence, a malicious competitor can be undoing it all.

Parth Misra

· 10 min read

Engaging E-commerce: Media Planner MEC On Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

Launched by London-based Mudit Jaju, Head of E-commerce and Digital and Data Partner at MEC Commerce, the UAE-based practice has grown to 15 dedicated specialists across the EMEA region.

Tamara Pupic

· 7 min read

Enterprise Mobility - Tapping Into the Power of the Third Screen

Like a bed of roses, the road to successful enterprise mobility transition is full of pitfalls.

Sid D

· 4 min read

5 Questions to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Are you using every available resource to make your digital marketing a success?

Yatin Khulbe

· 4 min read