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Ogero Chairman Imad Kreidieh On Revamping Lebanon's Telecom Landscape

At Arabnet Beirut 2019, Entrepreneur Middle East talked with Ogero Chairman Imad Kreidieh on his enterprise's mission to revamp Lebanon's telecom landscape.

Digital Transformation of the Financial Infrastructure: Treading Towards Financial Inclusion in India

If FinTech companies continue making focused efforts towards building new solutions and broadening the horizon of use to a diverse segment, a complete financial inclusion is not a far dream to wake up to
digital transformation

Enabling Digital Transformation With New Age Technologies

Digital Sensing enables you to continuously listen to your customers across channels, discover the context and trigger processes for appropriate real-time action or response
digital transformation

Why Digital Twins are Central to Digital Transformation?

Enterprises no longer have a choice, but innovate for the best customer experience
digital transformation

Entrepreneur Middle East Hosts Round Table, Presented By Du, On Accelerating Digital Transformation

In a candid and open discussion, each of the speakers shared their insights on the digital transformation journey that every enterprise needs to be embarking on in this day and age.

Cross-selling Strategies and Data-driven Analytics the Key to Driving Business Growth in the Financial Sector

Machine learning tools and Artificial Intelligence can complement traditional cross-sell models by using more data sources to come up with insights to determine future customer behaviour and ascertaining the best channels to tap them
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Why AI can Help Achieve Complete Digital Transformation for Enterprises?

PwC predicts that AI will total up to $15.7 trillion to global GDP annually by the year 2030
Growth Strategies

Growth Mindset in the Age of Digital Transformation

Without a doubt the growth mindset will define who wins the digital race!
digital transformation

This Transformation in The Digital World is Changing the Way Business is Done

In this era of screenless digital transformations, the supermarkets and multi-store retail outlets are utilizing AI and voice commerce development technologies to expand their businesses

How to Push Your Company to Digital Maturity

Starting a digital transformation is easy. Seeing it through to completion is a lot harder. Here's how to navigate the circuitous voyage to digital maturity.

10 Years Challenge: How Startups Have Changed the Daily Lives of Individuals

If technology was asked to take part in the 10-year challenge, wherein it could display its transformation from 2009 to 2019, we'd definitely be blown away

Why Executives Need to Take Note of 'Digital Twins'

It is a concept, not a single product or a piece of technology
Packers & Movers

Trends Which are Transforming the Indian Packers and Movers Industry

For companies who are striving to make a change in the relocation business, it's important that they understand the aforementioned trends
digital transformation

North-Star to Digital Transformation - The CX Route

The success of CX programs requires a strong senior management mandate including the CIOs, as, by the nature of it, the program cuts across functional boundaries and impacts almost all processes within the organisation
digital transformation

Five Things to Understand About Digital Transformation

Here's how by understanding digitization we will be able to revolutionise the way we work and excel in our ventures