Digital Trends

Taking Your In-Person Experience into the Digital World

Shawn Walchef, Owner of Cali BBQ & Founder of Cali BBQ Media, talks about what Digital Hospitality is, why it's so important and what steps business owners can take to implement an effective digital strategy.

Emily Washcovick

· 4 min read

Your Buyer's Journey is Now Online. Is Your Customer Experience Digital-First Too?

This is how you can build a tech suite for the digital-first customer.

Randy Frisch

· 5 min read

To Succeed In A Virtual Workforce Era, Effective Digital Leadership Skills Are A Must

As working from home becomes part of the new norm, our reliance on a virtual workforce raises the question: how do we cultivate a harmonious relationship with technology?

Amanda Line

· 3 min read

By Going The Extra Mile For Clients, Saphyte Founder Ali Homadi Is Making His Homegrown MENA Startup Stand Out As A CRM Provider

While most other CRM providers in the region are only focused on selling their offerings, Saphyte is upping the ante by creating software that really helps businesses grow- and one can see the company is walking the talk.

Aby Sam Thomas

· 4 min read

4 Customer Experience Trends Your Business Needs to Consider

Digital transformation can hold the key to unlocking a personalized customer experience and securing your company's future.

Sara Caroline Sabin

· 5 min read

Adapt Your C-Suite for the Digital Era In 3 Steps

As the makeup of a typical C-suite continues to change with the times, make sure yours does too.

Ted Pawela

· 5 min read

The Rise In Digital Dependence: How Brands Are Communicating Via Digital Platforms

The affordable mobile data rate, rapidly rising numbers of users, and the enhanced utility value of smartphones contribute to the mobile-heavy Internet access in India

Kaushal Thakkar

· 5 min read

Overcoming Challenges On The Road To Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer an option for businesses, but a necessity. For most startups, it is a matter of survival in the evolving business landscape.

Amin Al Zarouni

· 4 min read

The Art Of Convenience In Motion

It is important for the business community to follow closely the sentiment of the consumer, ensuring a consistent level of deep understanding of what consumers want and value most, in order to continue to be a competitive provider in the marketplace.

Rashid Al Ghurair

· 4 min read

How to Reduce Tech-Related Stress for Customers and Employees

The excitement to adopt the smartest interface is pushing businesses to lose their focus on two important things: employees and customers.

Ilenia Vidili

· 4 min read

Reinventing Governance: Introducing The UAE's Moonshot Apprenticeship 2071 Program

The program is currently selecting graduates from elite universities in the UAE and around the world to team them up with senior UAE government officials, mentors, and experts to bring forth innovative solutions to the challenges facing governments.

H.E. Huda AlHashimi

· 3 min read

Rethinking Leadership For The Digital Era

Businesses need to establish a stable, recognizable brand with a sharp and clearly communicated vision, while constantly being challenged to adapt to rapidly-changing circumstances, technologies, and market conditions.

Amir Sohrabi

· 5 min read