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Did COVID-19 steal your sales? This is how 9 Latin American startups successfully entered e-commerce

Latin America will have 191.7 million digital buyers and more than 10.8 million consumers will make a digital purchase for the first time this year.

Juliana Otero

· 5 min read

This Startup Expedites Enterprises' Adoption of Software Applications

Whatfix in February this year raised $32 million in Series C round led by Sequoia Capital

Debarghya Sil

· 6 min read

How SMBs Are Embracing Digitalization For Business Resilience

In the face of decreased purchasing intent, reduced productivity and limited in-store traffic, SMBs that pivoted quickly to technology demonstrated higher adaptability and resilience compared to those that did not

Bidhan Roy

· 5 min read

As B2B Sales Go Digital During COVID-19, Companies Mustn't Forget Partners

In 2020 and beyond, it's as much about partner experience as it is about customer experience

Nimesh Dave

· 7 min read

Digital Collaborations: Putting User At the Center

The biggest shift for fintechs has been to put the end-user at the center, and collaborations between providers to give a 'one-stop' solution, rather than companies working independently and the client needing to go to different places

George Mitra

· 4 min read

The Linguistic Divide Is Bigger Than the Digital Divide

Developing countries such as India are putting resources into developing the infrastructure required to provide access to the internet. However, there is one unaddressed issue that comes with the spread of the Internet and that is the language barrier

Rajat Garg

· 4 min read

Can the Real Estate Sector Revive India's Economy Post Lockdown?

The growth of the Indian real estate holds significance as it is the economy's third-largest employer, after agriculture and manufacturing

Tanuj Shori

· 6 min read

Innovation Is the Key To Survival In the #NewNormal

The COVID-19 disaster saw a seismic shift from conventional ways of doing business to a digital-driven economy, opening newer arenas for market forces

Digvijay Singh

· 4 min read

What We've Learned About Keeping Our Teams Engaged While Working From Home

If anything, a business with unengaged employees is potentially going to underperform one with fewer, but highly engaged ones

Gaurang Sinha

· 6 min read

This US-Based Healthcare Startup Is Saving Healthcare Cost By Unifying Patient Records

Till date, Innovaccer has saved over $600 million in healthcare cost and has unified records for over 24 million lives

Debarghya Sil

· 6 min read

What SMEs Did To Overcome Digitalisation Pitfalls

Businesses are starting to move in the right direction. But to truly thrive, they need to be more deliberate in their digital approach and not dive in blindly

Pauline Sim

· 4 min read

New Trends in Life Insurance sector

The advent of the crisis provided an urgency that exponentially increased the adoption of digital and the speed of innovation from both ends of the demand-supply spectrum

Casparus Kromhout

· 5 min read