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Digital Marketing: Where It Is Going And How It Will Change

Marketing budget will see a shift of about 70% to digital marketing in the next couple of years.

Ritu Kochar

· 2 min read

Makerspaces: The 'Lego' Of Startups

What's been the playground only for engineers or hardware enthusiasts as so called 'makers' has silently triggered a sub-revolution called maker movement which is democratizing 'making' of things via community-led platforms called makerspaces.

Sandeep Soni

· 7 min read

Digital Empowerment For All: Is India Ready To Push The Envelope?

To empower the marginalized communities in India with easy access to digital tools, a wave has already taken off.

Aniket Deb

· 4 min read

The Key To Building Indian Unicorns In Internet

More people should identify that unique internet opportunity in India.

Tripti Narain

· 3 min read

Increasing Relevance of Social Selling for Startups

The trend of startups is exciting in India and the scenario will only get much more prevalent in the upcoming years, thanks to the sweeping winds of digitization.

Apurva Chamaria

· 6 min read

Digitization Steering Smart Cities

The government is on the way to substantiate a concrete infrastructure for e-governance through the Digital India Program.

Harsh Tikku

· 5 min read