Can Drones Make the Consumer Delivery Ecosystem Fly?

If approved, start-ups such as Dunzo and Zomato would be able to cut down costs and drive faster deliveries

Viticulture Startup Terraview Raises $815K In Series A Round

Terraview uses advanced image processing, machine learning, AI and augmented reality to focus on vineyards

How the Drone Attack on Saudi Arabia's Aramco Oil Plant Will Affect Indian Households

Petrol and diesel prices may go up in case global crude oil prices remain elevated

Examples of Drone Business Ideas

Do you want to start a drone business? Here are 10 drone business ideas and examples of actual businesses you can gain insights from.

From Flying Cars to Drone Delivery, Smart Future Will Soon Become Reality.

Here is how zomato, Uber and Amazon are taking giant technology leaps

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An initiative of Abu Dhabi-based innovation hub Krypto Labs, Drone X Challenge 2020 had tasked applicants for Phase 1 to develop a technical proposal detailing the design of a drone system capable of carrying heavy payloads for long durations.

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Drones are expected to reduce surveying time in several industries by as much as 98 per cent whereas the costs can also come down dramatically
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