Drug testing

Employers Can't Test Most Workers For Cannabis in New York State

The first state in the country to issue such a mandate.

Nina Zdinjak

There Will Be No Marijuana Testing for NBA's Upcoming Season

The National Basketball League will test for other substances but not discipline players for cannabis use.

Chris Kudialis

Can Measuring Eye Characteristics Determine Cannabis DUI?

Two new studies can help lawmakers grappling with this issue.

Johnny Green

Why Company Drug-Test Policies Matter More Than Ever

From corporations to sports, major organizations are significantly retooling sanctions for cannabis.

Steven Hawkins

As the Pandemic Wanes and the Party Kicks Off, Drug Testing and Safety Are More Important Than Ever

From large events to the everyday, the focus is on keeping people safe, happy, and healthy.

Is Weed Testing Responsible for Hiring Problems at General Motors?

Why other businesses should look at what Amazon is doing.

Nina Zdinjak

Amazon Will Stop Testing Employees for Weed

The company also supports decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level.

Lesley Balla

Biden Fired A Bunch of Staffers for Smoking Weed, and People Aren't Happy About It

Five White House employees were let go due to their past use of marijuana.

Jonathan Small

The NBA Is Done Testing Players for Marijuana. At Least for Now.

Continuing a policy started in the 2020 playoff "bubble," the league confirmed it would not test for cannabis, focusing on "performance-enhancing products and drugs of abuse.

NFL Players Will No Longer Face Suspension For Marijuana, But Do Still Face Fines

The new collective bargaining agreement approved by players allows them to use marijuana - but only if they are willing to pay for it when they get caught.

Yes, Your Company Can Still Monitor Marijuana Use

Pot may be legal in some form across most of the country, but that doesn't mean your boss has to like it.

Kia Roberts