Editor's Note

What's Your 'Wouldn't Go Back' Moment?

Leaving NYC for Colorado Taught Me That Working Less Doesn't Mean Less Success.

Jason Feifer

It Ain't Over Till It's Over: This Is Not Your Rock Bottom Moment

No matter how devastating it feels like in the moment, and regardless of all the odds that seem to be stacked against you, none of it signifies that it's curtains for whatever you set out to do.

Aby Sam Thomas

Who Stole My Cheese?

How the Gen Next is gearing up to bring a power role reversal

Ritu Marya

I Stopped Saying This Word, and It Changed Everything

Swapping out even a simple word in your vocabulary can shift your mindset and re-center your true priorities.

Jason Feifer

Doing Your Fair Share: Why Leaders Need To Know The Difference Between Delegation And Abdication

"Delegating work works- provided the one delegating works too," said Robert Half (founder of the California-headquartered talent solutions company that bears his name), and that's something all of us -entrepreneurs included- would be wise to keep in mind, always.

Aby Sam Thomas

There Are Two Camps When It Comes To Truth (And It's Time To Choose)

When an individual or business is feeding you drivel, they're deliberately choosing to disregard the truth for reasons that are almost certainly linked to ensuring their personal gain, and no one else's; that's a showcase of their apathy, plain and simple.

Aby Sam Thomas

Go Where You Don't 'Belong'

To get where you want to go, start out where you don't fit in. You'll be happy you did.

Jason Feifer

The Future of Work is in for a (Gigantic) Change

The four-day workweek means turbo powering your hourly productivity. Is India Ready for it?

Ritu Marya

It's Not Always About You: Keep Your Entitlement In Check When Dealing With Small Businesses

Having a more empathetic approach to the entrepreneurs and the teams behind them would serve us all better in the long run.