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Esta startup que quiere mejorar la enseñanza de la ciencia en el mundo gana el enlightED Awards 2019

En la segunda edición de este premio el ganador PraxiLabs, una startup que busca democratizar las herramientas para una educación más científica y tecnológica.

El debate global sobre la educación en la era digital llega a Yucatán

La conferencia mundial EnlightEd llega a México para poner sobre la mesa el tema las habilidades del futuro.

3 Ways Big Data Is Changing Education Forever

The upsurge of EdTech is set to reshape our economical terrain.

8 Ways EdTech Startups Are Setting Classroom-Innovation Trends

Technology in education is changing how we think about learning and success.

How This Startup is Using Technology to Bridge the Gap between Students & Colleges in the Indian Education System

In May this year, the startup raised US$8 Mn in its Series B funding led by existing investors GirnarSoft, London based Man Capital and others

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EdTech Startup

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EdTech Startup

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EdTech Startup

Krypto Labs Launches The EdTech Innovations Startup Contest With US$270,000 In Prizes

Abu Dhabi-based all-in-one business technology incubator and accelerator Krypto Labs is looking to develop and nurture the region's educational ventures by launching its EdTech Innovations Startup Contest 2018.