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10 Things to Check Before Joining a Course

Have your friends and family heard about this institute? What is the general impression they have about it?

Akhil Shahani

· 4 min read

Why the Indian Education Industry Will be a Goldmine For Investors in the Coming Years?

The need is to pick companies which have unique solutions, new business models, and a rebellious approach

Sarvesh Shrivastava

· 4 min read

Realizing Potential: The Growing Trend Of E-Learning Among Arab Youth

Studying and learning are no longer confined to the classroom- internet users can learn anytime and anywhere with just a tablet or a smartphone.

Safaa Nhairy

· 6 min read

How Edtech Solutions are Building a Productive Digital Space for Millennials

E-learning has done away with useless frames and given students the ability to learn anywhere, anytime

Beas Dev Ralhan

· 4 min read

How Can AI be Effectively Used in the Indian Education System?

Artificial Intelligence will give the scale to provide good quality education across the country at low cost and without the need for equivalent manpower

Avneet Makkar

· 4 min read

Rediscovering Better Educated India by Uplifting Rural Education

When we set to think about the growth of the nation, we take various factors into consideration, education is one of them.

Ritesh Rawal

· 4 min read

Future Looks Bright With Revamp in Educational Sector

According to media reports, skill development ministry is developing a framework for students which focuses on skill based learning with an option to earn credits and rejoin university education.

Nazreen Nazir

· 3 min read

Techie Teacher, an education-tech startup catering to students of Class 5 to 12, has already clocked a user base of 7 million and is gunning for 20 million by 2020

Entrepreneur India Staff

· 2 min read

7 Modern Trends To Look Out For in EdTech Industry in 2019

Augmented reality is set to a safe bet for the future with tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft heavily investing in the development of this technology and what does this mean for those belonging to the education industry?

Tarun Bhalla

· 5 min read

Transformative Change: Founder Hadi Partovi

Having built (and funded) great startups, this entrepreneur and investor opens up on his mission to teach kids how to code.

Tamara Pupic

· 12 min read

Insider Tips for a Successful Ed-Tech Intervention

If you look at the 5,816,673 strong teaching workforce only in elementary schools in India, you will immediately see what we are getting at

Kusum Mohapatra

· 6 min read

How EdTech Is The Next Big Sector

Understand the Education Sector and how to be on the top of the trend in the educational sector

Atul Kulshrestha

· 4 min read