electric vehicles

electric vehicles

'Initial Traction For E-Mobility Especially In Four-Wheelers Will Come From Fleet Operators'

According to Anirudh Arun, chief operating officer, Blu Smart Mobility, the initial traction, especially in the four-wheelers segment will come from fleet operators

Trescon Making EV Dialogue Simpler With World EV Show

The event is aimed at opening up business opportunities and investments in the Indian electric vehicle space

Is India Focusing Enough Towards Solving Issues Related To EV Charging Infrastructure?

According to a report by Florence School of Regulation, business model of EV charging in India is at the introductory stage and focuses on kickstarting the market

Podcast: Investors Putting Money Into Indian EV Market Still Placing Safe Bets, Says This Entrepreneur

While investors are gradually becoming more open to spending in the Indian EV space, they still seem to be playing safe, said Nilesh Bothra, CEO of Calamus Electric Cycles.

EV Motors India Founder Vinit Bansal Talks About Investment Trends In the Indian EV Market

EV technology is at a nascent stage in India and financial institutions are wary of investing as they do not understand the risks associated with it

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electric vehicles

Launching EV in India, Lining Up More Affordable Products: MG Motor's Rajeev Chaba

Chaba talked about an extended honeymoon period for MG Hector, pre-launch activities involving their first EV and how one needs to start somewhere without waiting for everything to fall into place

Singapore Bans e-Scooters From Sidewalks After Rising Injuries

The rule will be strictly enforced from January 1, 2020
electric vehicles

Investors Still Skeptical About Pace Of EV adoption In India

The government needs to bring more coherence to its policies and their implementation as India puts one foot on the paddle in the EV race, according to Koushik Bhattacharya, Avendus Capital
electric vehicles

Hero Electric CEO Sohinder Gill Talks About Disrupting The Indian EV Market

Hero Electric CEO Sohinder Gill believes the Centre has little role to play in the electric vehicle space.
electric vehicles

Can Government's Push to Develop Charging Infrastructure Increase Demand For Electric Vehicles?

The Centre is keen to develop charging infrastructure after realising that it will mirror the growth in adoption of electric vehicles in India
electric vehicles

What Investors Have to Say About The Indian EV Industry

As the electric vehicle space takes flight in the country, investors talk about the need for price parity and vertical integration as the way to grow
electric vehicles

How Far Is India From Achieving Its E-mobility Goals?

The Indian electric vehicles ecosystem is at a nascent stage, however push from the government and the industry players' zeal to develop the space has made many start-ups join the bandwagon
electric vehicles

Are Financing Issues Ailing the Electric Vehicle Industry?

Consensus is that banks and financial institutions have a big role to play in encouraging EV adoption in India
electric vehicles

This is Why Consumers Are Not Adopting Electric Vehicles in India

While the government is pushing for EVs, problems around awareness and infrastructure must be tackled head-on
electric vehicles

Amidst Concerns and Market Uncertainties, WEF-OMI Report Says that India May Become the Largest EV Market

A report by the World Economic Forum and Ola Mobility Institute shows that the country can potentially become the largest EV market in the world