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Mercedes-Benz presents a car that is driven with the mind

The design of the car is inspired by the aesthetics of the movie "Avatar".

This 2W EV Manufactuer Wants To Make Earth Greener

As per Suhas Rajkumar, founder of Simple Energy, the company is aiming to shift the entire fleet of mobility to electric thus making the world greener and sustainable

Debarghya Sil

China halts 42 companies from IPO, subjects them to investigation, further 'strict measures' announced

The China Securities Market Regulatory Commission (CSRC) launched an investigation into intermediary firms that were about to present IPOs of more than 40 companies for their IPO.

Why Lithium is the Decisive Growth Factor for the European E-Mobility Market

Demand for electric vehicles is growing significantly, yet without lithium, there won't be much to see in the near future.

Simon Moser

Elon Musk's Tesla Delays the Long-Awaited Cybertruck Until 2022

There are already three vehicles from Elon Musk's company that will not be released this year. What's going on?

Electric Vehicles to Buy by the End of 2021

Check out this comprehensive list of electric cars to find out your choice

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Musk revela que los cargadores de Tesla pronto funcionarán para otros vehículos

La compañía dice que los supercargadores pueden agregar hasta 200 millas de alcance en aproximadamente 15 minutos.

Why 2021 Has Irreversibly Defined the Future of Electric Vehicles

This seems to be the year in which major manufacturers are committing to an all-electric path.

Volkswagen Tried to Play an April Fool's Prank. Now, It's in Trouble With the SEC.

The automaker had joked about changing its name to reflect its foray into the electric vehicle market.

Justin Chan

Tesla Apparently Makes More From Bitcoin Than It Does From Selling Its Own Cars

Bitcoin accounted for nearly a quarter of the company's first-quarter profits.

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Soaring Pollution Levels In NCR Scream To Get EVs On Roads

Consumers have realised the benefits of EVs, aside from zero emissions, which include lower operating costs

Tesla Is Being Outsold in China by This $4,500 Car

A budget electric vehicle from China is becoming a fast seller in a country with the world's largest population.

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