Elizabeth Holmes

La ex promesa de Silicon Valley que ahora enfrenta 20 años de cárcel

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO de Theranos, quien fuera la promesa de Silicon Valley por tener una startup valuada en 9,000 millones de dólares, enfrenta una sentencia de 20 años de cárcel.

New Book Details the Spiral of Elizabeth Holmes From Celebrated CEO to Silicon Valley Outcast

Lies and exaggerations are likely to result in the worst sort of exit from your startup.

How a $9 Billion Startup Deceived Silicon Valley

Author John Carreyrou of 'Bad Blood' -- which documents the rise and fall of Theranos -- explains how Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes got away with deception for as long as she did.

6 lecciones de la emprendedora multimillonaria que ahora está en la quiebra

Ahora sabemos que Theranos no tenía un liderazgo brillante o tecnología de avanzada, solo una gran cantidad de inversionistas crédulos.

Deep Patel

6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Fall of Theranos

Now we know Theranos didn't have brilliant leadership or breakthrough technology, just an abundance of credulous investors.

Deep Patel

Acusan de fraude masivo a la fundadora de la startup Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes, fundadora de Theranos, es acusada de un fraude masivo que implica más de 700 millones de dólares.

Theranos Has Listed Its Headquarters for Rent

Four floors of the Palo Alto, Calif., office building are available for 12-year leases.

Lydia Belanger

Theranos: The House of Cards That Elizabeth Holmes Built

Thirteen years, a thousand employees, $700 million of venture capital, 40 wellness centers. Six million blood tests. Zero revenue. This is how it happened.

Steve Tobak

Theranos Is Laying Off Another 155 Employees

The company's 'core team' will continue development of a new miniLab.

Andrew Dalton

Two More Investors Sue Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes for Fraud

This is the first lawsuit against Theranos that's seeking class-action status.

Mariella Moon