Emergency Plans

Tinder is Working on a Panic Button for Dangerous Situations

It can send emergency services straight to your location

Rachel England

Scary Hurricane Florence Facts by the Numbers

Breaking down the expected impact of this historic storm.

Staying on Course Despite the Ravages of Hurricane Maria

After two hurricanes pounded Puerto Rico, just meeting payroll and keeping the doors open is a big achievement.

Steps to Ensure Employees' Safety at Workplace

It is necessary to make your employees understand what needs to be done when there is a crisis in a form of a natural disaster or by a violent person

Kavita Nigam

When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Struck, This App Hit the Top of the Charts. Here's What Its CEO Has Learned.

Zello's Bill Moore shares insights about how to support a spike in interest, especially in high stakes situations.

Nina Zipkin

If Your Business Network Uses Windows 10, It's Not As Secure As You Think

New attack technique called GhostHook renders the Windows security defense system useless once activated

Agamoni Ghosh

#6 Steps to Plan Your Finances Before You Turn Entrepreneur

To be used only during emergencies, there should be a separate sum of Rs 2-3 lakh kept in the bank

Anil Rego

Importance of Peer-to-peer Platforms

In peer-to-peer platforms, we have the benefit of learning from those who have been around the block and witnessed a fortunate amount of success

Sweta Mangal

With Google's New App, Your Loved Ones Can Find You During Emergencies

Trusted Contacts will give out your location, even when you can't access your phone.

Rose Leadem

Facing Potential Terrorism, Entrepreneurs Need to Think About the Unthinkable

A well thought-out crisis-management plan is essential for every business to have in today's world.