Employee Benefits - Page: 11

Should You Fight Your Ex-Employee's Benefits Claim?

If an employee you fired "for cause" is now claiming benefits, is fighting the claim in your best interest?

Cliff Ennico

Choosing Benefits for Your Employees

How to figure out the best employee benefits for your budget

Geoff Williams

The Benefits of Flextime

With our personal lives busier than ever, offering flexible work options to your employees could be the best way to keep the good ones around.

The Basics of Employee Benefits

What's required? What's not? And what's just good policy? This primer will help you figure it out.

Hiring and Orienting a New Employee

Finding new workers is a complicated task. Use this how-to to help you keep the details straight so that you can find the best candidate.

Martin E. Davis

The Benefits of Cafeteria Plans

Start maximizing your employee benefits package--and saving money--with a section 125 flexible benefits plan.

Trent D. Bryson

The ABCs of Offering Time Off

Not sure which holidays to offer employees off? Or how much sick time to give? Or what the government requires? This primer will help.

The Best Ways to Reward Employees

Having an effective reward program in place can help solve many of your HR issues.

Paul Sarvadi

Low-Cost Benefits That'll Make Your Employees Happy

Boost satisfaction and loyalty with these inexpensive extras for your benefits package.