Employee Performance

What's The Best Strategy For Getting The Best Out Of Your Employees?

If you feel your employees aren't performing to their full potential, a change in managerial style might be called for!

Vaibhav Joshi

· 4 min read

Workspace Environment Matters, Says Ergonomics

From adjustable workstation to trendy stuff we tell you how to prepare your office

Himanee Mrug

· 4 min read

Jon Levy

· 4 min read

The How-To: Establishing A Performance Management System For Your Enterprise

When implemented well, it drives employee engagement in the company's overall goals, which leads to improved performance of both employees and company.

Elie Georgiou-Botaris

· 8 min read

4 Innovative Ways a CEO Can Reward Employees

Sometimes, simply receiving a bonus is not enough of an incentive to keep employees engaged over a long term.

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

5 HR Practices Entrepreneurs should Promote in their Organization

When performance problems arise, aim to nip them in the bud by addressing them during performance check-ins

Jaydeep Das

· 5 min read

Why it is Important for Companies to have Periodic Employee Performance Review?

Review of employees is a great way to boost employee engagement and allay their concerns

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

Why Empowering People Makes Good Business Sense

Khonology has shown that South Africa might have a skills shortage, but that's not because of a lack of ability. Give the right people the right opportunities, and they'll flourish.

GG van Rooyen

· 6 min read

The How To: Rethinking Employee Performance Management For Better ROI

Entrepreneurs should move away from a traditional EPM model to employee performance development (EPD).

Tanvir Haque

· 9 min read

#10 Must Known Facts for Every Employee to Increase Productivity at Work

Smooth work-life balance helps workers feel more motivated and less frustrated at work

Sunil Paul

· 8 min read

4 Tips to Take Struggling Employees to the Top of Their Game

When an employee is performing poorly, your first question isn't so much why the problem has occurred as what you're going to do about it.

Andre Lavoie

· 6 min read