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Krypto Labs Managing Director Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi On Supporting The UAE's Vision To Become A Global Innovation Hub

Krypto Labs aims at becoming a haven for startups and individuals worldwide who want to develop revolutionary products and services across various industries.

Pamella de Leon

· 6 min read

Being An Entrepreneur Is Easy, Being Entrepreneurial...Isn't!

It definitely gives a high to see CEO below your name on the visiting card and there some upbeat things that go with the tag of being an entrepreneur

Deep Malhotra

· 4 min read

A New Way To Learn: Five Guiding Principles For Future Education

A change in how we educate is necessary to realize the radical future we see for the world.

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

· 15 min read

Rise Of The Rest: Why Tech Startups No Longer Need To Be In Major Tech Hubs To Succeed

With the democratization of technology, high-growth tech companies no longer to need to be in major tech hubs to succeed.

Zach Ferres

· 7 min read

Why Startup Hotspots Around The World Can't Match The UAE For Global Appeal

Here are five reasons why the UAE is one of the most exciting places in the world to start and grow a business.

Geoff Rapp

· 6 min read

Once A Dubai Startup, NIKAI Group Now Supports Entrepreneurs With Dubai Startup Hub's Market Access Program

When Dubai-based global conglomerate NIKAI Group sifts through pitches from startups seeking funding, the company takes its due diligence very seriously.

Megha Merani

· 8 min read

The Impact Of The Middle East's Fintech Boom On Economic Inequality In The Region

Will the new crop of fintech companies increase or decrease the staggering levels of inequality in the region?

Sarah Willis

· 5 min read

Telcos Can (And Should) Enable The Success Of MENA's Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennials are driven towards entrepreneurship by their desire to work autonomously combined with their eagerness to make a difference in the world.

Hany Aly

· 4 min read

With Smartness Being the In-Thing, What Can Quality Social Gatherings Do For Entrepreneurs?

Check out the Importance of building quality social gatherings for entrepreneurs with smartness being in

Rahul R

· 3 min read

New Kids On The Block: Silicon Valley-Headquartered Plug And Play Partners With Abu Dhabi Global Market

For those of us who have been watching the Middle East entrepreneurial ecosystem for a while now, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the region has seen a surge in the number of accelerators and incubators in the recent past.

Aby Sam Thomas

· 14 min read

Keeping The Momentum: Bahrain's Key Players On What It'll Take To Invigorate The Startup Scene

On the sidelines of Unbound Bahrain, key players in Bahrain's ecosystem have their say.

Pamella de Leon

· 15 min read

The Future Of (Public) Innovation Labs

Can Dubai, the city that keeps redefining the limits of citizenship and smart cities, lead the global movement for the reinvention of the public innovation lab (and innovation labs in general)?

Aman Merchant

· 6 min read