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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Pillar Omar Christidis On What To Expect At ArabNet Riyadh 2015

ArabNet CEO and founder, Omar Christidis on the KSA entrepreneurial ecosystem and what's ahead of the ArabNet Riyadh 2015.

Pamella de Leon

· 5 min read

Hot Spots For Budding Entrepreneurs: Top Cities In MENA For Your Business

If you're hoping to set up a business, finding the right place to start is a critical first step.

Suhail Al-Masri

· 8 min read

Advocating Agility: H.E. Sheikha Al-Zain Sabah Al-Naser Al-Sabah Won't Let Kuwait's Entrepreneurs Go It Alone

The Under Secretary of the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs talks about Kuwait's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fida Chaaban

· 15+ min read

UAE Vision 2021 Goals: The New Rules of Engagement

It is alignment with UAE goals, more than easy income and hours, which will contribute to Emirati flow into the private sector.

Oksana Tashakova

· 4 min read

Why 'Make in Chhattisgarh?'

Chhattisgarh can become an entrepreneurial hub in the next few years if substantial investment flows in.

Entrepreneur India

· 7 min read

Speaking In Code: 22 Fintech Ideas Pitched In 36-hour Hackathon

Dubai Internet City's tech incubation hub in5 center, brought together developers, coders and designers for the third edition of Decode Dubai.

Pamella de Leon

· 2 min read

Promoting (Innovative) Critical Thinking In The MENA Workplace

A new approach that encourages employees to practice critical thinking on a large scale, supporting the conception of more creative ideas.

Mohammed Nosseir

· 4 min read

Seedstars Dubai 2015 Picks Finalists For Global Competition

With this year's focus on the travel and the fintech sectors, the Switzerland-based startup contest held its Middle East regional event, Seedstars Dubai, at The Cribb in September.

Pamella de Leon

· 2 min read

Follow The Leader: Ronaldo Mouchawar, Founder And CEO, Souq

Ronaldo Mouchawar still thinks of Souq, the mammoth enterprise that it is today, as a startup.

Fida Chaaban

· 8 min read

Five Minutes With Entrepreneur Joanna Santillan, Founder and CEO, Afterschool.ae

After finding it difficult to search for extracurricular activities in the UAE for her children on the Internet, Joanna Santillan decided to fix the problem herself by devising a solution through her startup, Afterschool.ae.

Pamella de Leon

· 4 min read

Small Biz Thrives in Small Cities with These 3 Characteristics (Infographic)

Entrepreneurs should consider these factors when choosing their base of operations.

Tanya Benedicto Klich

· 2 min read

Industries Driving the Top 10 Small Cities for Business Owners

Here's a closer look at what makes the top small cities shine for local entrepreneurs.

Cindy Yang

· 6 min read